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  1. Arrr finally more news! Great to see it's still coming along nicely.
  2. Hey guys, MotiveMag.com have just right now posted an article on the S30 and the Z33, together. http://www.motivemag.com/pub/feature/verticals/Motive_Vertical_-_240Z_and_350Z.shtml http://grandjdm.com/2007/10/11/luke-i-am-your-father/ Apologies if this was posted in the wrong area, there's a few different subforums I thought might be best, but this seemed the most appropriate.
  3. Oh damn, now that's one I'd love to have! I need to pay more attention to what's available, haha. I keep missing out!
  4. I was so tempted to buy one of these, but frankly I can't stand the wheels on it!
  5. Haha come on Mull, you're killin' us here!
  6. Mike, can you give some more info on what you're after? I'm interested in putting something together, but - and the others would probably agree - some more info would be great. $50 and a tee and a CD is a nice prize, but it's also not enough to get a bunch of different sketch ideas from an artist, and then another 3 to 5 hours polishing it. Most illustrators would very quickly balk at $50, including most amateurs with more than a few years of experience. Dentists and mechanics charge nearly a hundred an hour, and a lot of them are nothing more than trained. Nobody's a natural born dentist. Illustrators often have to unfairly argue their right to a similar rate of pay, despite the same years devoted to learning their craft, and - something a dentist can rarely claim - the natural talent that goes with it. That said, I know this is a contest that would be viewed as a "labour of love" by any Z enthusiast, so it's all good on that front. So if you can be as painfully precise as possible in what you want, I know I'd be more inclined to put in a few sketches and see what you think. The more I know, the less hours I have to give to coming up with ideas. But I don't have the hours available to devote to something like this for $50. My hat is off to those who do. No doubt this post sounds a bit arrogant, my apologies for that. It's always a case of what you know, and what you don't. You guys know that if you put up $50 and said "I have a contest going to respray my hood". That would probably take the same amount of hours, but would anyone do it for $50? Illustrators - and designers in general - are no less qualified in their unique craft than any auto professional, but too often are they expected to work for a 10th of the price.
  7. Heya folks, 25yr old Aussie from Melbourne here. I presently drive a 1995 Toyota Supra (no stupid bodykits though, never been into that), but I've decided that it's time to pursue a love of mine that has come and gone over the past 5 or so years. I went to school with a guy who drives an amazing RB20DETT-powered 260Z, and ever since I saw it I've been in love. For some reason I bought the Supra when I should have bought a Z, and as much as I honestly do love my Supra, it's time to get rid of it and move onto the sexiest affordable sports car in the history of the breed. So, yeah. I'm not yet an owner but I plan to be soon. I can't afford much (the money I'll make off the Supra has unfortunately been committed elsewhere and nothing can be done about it!), so I'm thinking I'd like to buy a 260z that is perhaps a little worse for wear and put some sweat into it. I'm very attracted to the idea of working on it as much as I can myself (body-wise at least, I don't really want to touch the engine). I really want a car that I can say I took from the gates of hell, back to life. I'll try not to be one of those useless annoying members who don't even own a Z, but obviously I'm keen to learn as much about these gorgeous cars as possible, so your tolerance is appreciated Cheers lads!
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