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    I love all the Zs and wished I had one of each! Right now I own a z31 and a 350z. www.zladyeducator64.smugmug.com

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  1. zlady

    Zcon 2013

    I'm ready to go!!!!!
  2. Just got back from a 2300 mile trip with my daughter in the Z. The first night I stopped in Savannah so I took her on the track to show her what mom does for thrills. She also saw the Westin and Savannah. The Porsche crew was there trying to act like us. Pffttt....
  3. Hey Guy, It was great seeing you....too bad you didn't come to the track to take pics of me.
  4. Hey ezzzzzzz I was sure to find you taking a Hooter girl for a ride in your Z. Your hood painting is awesome!! So you didn't luck out this time...there is always next time. Glad I was at least able to get a shot of you meditating in the hotel bar after visiting Wet Willies. GOOD TIMES!!!
  5. Here's my link to ZCON11 photos. :0) http://zladyeducator64.smugmug.com/Other/ZCCA-Savannah-2011/18257182_gB683Q Enjoy Z Ride!!!
  6. It's quite simple, our club has some extra $ and we would like to do something special for all paid members. We have approx. 80 paid members who have a wide variety of Z interests...track, show, gearheads, social,....etc.. Just want to thank them for making our club one of the best in the country.:classic:
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to take a survey of the following question.... If your club had let's say $800 to spend on all the members what would be a great idea to cover such a diverse group?? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am stumped!! Thanks!!!
  8. hls30.com remember the instruction manuals as we discussed earlier in case they are needed.......he might just appreciate that.
  9. Got a rental car (350z) in Vegas to take me to the speedway and did a ride along in a Mario Andretti Formula one at 180mph. The students were at the bottom of the speedway doing 80-90 mph. I loved being at the top and cruising past them....but damn, fastest money I have ever spent.
  10. Besides Under armour gear and framed photos.... a copy of January 2011, Auto Trader Classics "An iconic sports car turns 40!" signed by Mr.K.:classic:
  11. Ugh, what an unfortunate mistake!! My son hit his bike pedal on the bottom of my door area. Feelin' your pain..........but.............dag I am having trouble getting up off the floor from laughing so hard at the cat picture. IT SAYS IT ALL!!!!
  12. I have to say this is one of my favorite banners in my garage. 3'x8' makes the picture even sweeter!!
  13. Thanks for the compliments on the photos. :classic: We actually lucked out with the leaves still being on the trees and the awesome colors last weekend. Here we are actually past peak but because we haven't had alot of rain the last few weeks they were there for us to see. Now today with all this rain it is a different story...........the season of beautiful leaves is now the season of raking.
  14. We would've loved to have you attend. But a bit of a hike for ya now eh??
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