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  1. Hello Michael Purdue, yes I do have a red 240, and you did sell me a red door a few years ago. When I saw you, a teenage girl had just taken the door off mine in a parking lot. She tried to pull into the space next to me while I was getting out. I got the door I bought from you hung, but I still haven't had it re-painted properly. I'd like to find someone who's good with the door latches to help get the doors closing and opening properly. Also I could use a new hood. How's your poject going?
  2. Gents, I did sort out the situation with my red 71 240. It was the bearing in the water pump that went bad. It turned out that the clutch fan assembly was ok. I just ordered the water pump and a new fan from Motorsport and had the radiator fixed at a shop on Harry Hines for $30.00. No problems since! On another note, I could use a hood and a driver's side fender if anyone has that stuff. Thanks, G
  3. Hello y'all, I'm in Dallas Texas and could use a little info: I'm looking for water pump, clutch fan, fan and radiator for a '71 240. I'm not sure if the water pump went bad, or if it's just the fan clutch, but the whole assembly went slack and the wobbly fan ripped a hole in my radiator. The radiator is toast! If anyone else has had this happen and has experience doing the repair please say hello. And, if anybody has serviceable parts in Dallas, please let me know. Thanks, Mike G.
  4. I've got a '71 240Z and I need a straight hood. A driver's side fender would be useful as well. Mike Graff 214 823 9103 Dallas Texas
  5. I live on La Vista, just down Matilda. When could we meet up?
  6. I'm interested to have a look. The body shop would probably be able to work with it assuming it doesn't require too much prep. Where do you live in Dallas?
  7. mike graff

    71 door

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a driver's side door for my 240z here in Dallas Texas. The original color is 110 red. Thanks, Mike Graff 214 823 9103
  8. hello yall, I'm in Dallas Texas, and I'm looking for a drivers side door for my 71. It was crunched by a teenager in an SUV. All the body men say I need a good salvage part for them to prep, paint and put on. Anybody know where to find one? The original color is 110 Red. Thanks, Mike Graff
  9. I'm wondering if there's an opinion out there concerning who the best z mechanic would be in the D/FW area. My '71 looks pretty good, but needs some work that I'm not enough of an expert to do myself. It needs: new clutch, brake job, struts, new header gasket and muffler recconect of tachometer proper tune Alot of work for the right guy! Thanks!
  10. kmack, Thanks for the reply. You know, I thought '71s had two fuel pumps: a mechanical one at the engine, and an electric one back near the tank. But maybe I was looking at a diagram of a 260. What a blessing to find others out there with similar experience! I'll try your suggestion with the mechanical pump and see if it's moving fuel tomorrow. I'm a neophyte Z mechanic, so this forum really helps. As far as the San Antonio convention goes, I might get down there. The last Z function that I took part in was at the Texas Motor Speedway when Nissan had re-released the refurbished 240s. It was just a few weeks after I'd bought mine. A hell of alot of fun. Best, Mike Graff
  11. I have a 71 240 which I allowed to sit for too many weeks without starting. I know that there is a leak in the piping from the exterior filling hole to the gas tank, for if I put in more than about 12 bucks worth at the filling station, gas comes leaking out. Anyway, I tried to start the last few days, and put three gallons in. After turning the engine over for quite a while, it still did not start. I assume that all of the gas had indeed evaporated. I dissconnected the gas line at the fuel filter, and turned the engine over, hoping to see a spurt of fuel, but nothing. Is there some kind of method for priming that I should be aware of? Or is it more likely that the electric pump has frozen up? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike G
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