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  1. Doug

    260Z rear

    Very nice. Mine is similar except the bumper is chromed, so I'm wondering if you just had the original bumper painted to match?
  2. G'day, As of late I've been having trouble locking the drivers door on my Zed with the key, it locks, but only by pushing down the plungery thing ( you know what I mean :stupid: ) Today I looked at the Zed side on and noticed that the door appears to have 'dropped' a few mm. I was thinking this could cause the problem, as the key turns the barrel inside the door fine ( I've had it all apart to see), but when you turn it the plunger/knob bit doesn't seem to be lowered far enough to lock. The door has a bit of movement in the hinges, so I was thinking this is the problem? If it is, how would I go about 'lifting' the door, or would I need hinges? Any help appreciated.
  3. Thanks for linkage Alfa, should've thought to search galleries! :stupid: From the comments thread of Alfadog's link: Might wanna try them.
  4. Thanks for the info Carl < is intrigued> Next question, any pictures out there of one?
  5. I agree with earlier comments about resoration being personal, hopefully my Zed will end up looking basically stock from the outside but maybe some differences in engine bay and interior. If I ever have the good fortune ( and fat wallet :classic: ) to find a nice 240 I think I'd have to keep it as stock as possible. Oh and *puts noob hat on*, what's a 'spook'? :stupid:
  6. Looks good Mike, but perhaps there could be better info as to where it's located. Seemed to be difficult to tell sometimes. Perhaps a little extra on the listing 'posted by: XXXX, location: somewhere' ? Anyways, keep up the good work. =)
  7. *Raises hand* G'day to the ockers! :classic: Just thought I'd drop in an say 'ello. Will put info up on that register, this sjcurtis is another similar thing I take it? [EDIT] Forgot to ask, are 'station wagon' owners allowed? [/EDIT]
  8. Interesting poll and thread. One thing though, don't think I saw it mentioned, you need a option for 'More than I can afford' :stupid:
  9. Hey, can someone post the part number for a thermostat out of a 76 L26 (260Z). Not at home so I don't have my books . Thanks all On another note, yay I'm back. (damn computers)
  10. Hadn't thought of it like that before.... but I agree nonetheless!
  11. Doug

    high power chev

    Yeah, and apparently it was a brand new merlin that had never been started! Oh, and if the cops see it they've decided to take it off the road. ROFL
  12. Apparently a very high power chevrolet is prowling around my home town, now i know its not a datsun but i thought this would be of interest, especially the engine. Think V12 two stage supercharging roughly 1500hp Now, to give it away: think british its name is rather mystical it can absolutely fly and it positively spits fire Now, in the immortal words of inspector gadget YOWZERS!!! Oh, and vicroads registered it! HA!
  13. Hey there, don't know whether this has comeup before, but would it be possible to have region tags on for sale ads?
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