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  1. I'm in need of someone that knows how to tune webers.I have a L28.20 over Ported and polished N42 head,Robello street cam.flat top piston 280zx distributor that I can't seam to get running correctly. The car has a slight bog at 2800 RPM. Bseam to hit a wall at 4k RPMS. My trimming is set to 20 degrees at idle vacuum advance disconnected. Distributor have not been re curved. Driving at highway speeds the car seams to bog when press down on the accelerator. The transition isn't smooth from idle circuit to main. If there anyone or a shop in N.E Indiana or the surrounding area that can help I will greatly appreciate it. I'm also willing to Compensate you. Jetting Idle jet 60 F9 Main jet 135 Air corrector 180 Emulsion tube F2 Pump jet 45 34mm Choke
  2. I am looking to get Rota Rb 15 x 7 FOR my 68-2000, can someone tell me the measurement of the center cap. Height and how big the opening is in the wheel where the cap seat into. I know the cap will not fit on the front hub as the hub is longer than the cap, I want to find and placement cap.
  3. Well I have a serious buyer as the wire came though this morning. Thanks again for all the good advice. the car Is sold he coming to get it in April
  4. Thanks for your response guys. Well the gentleman and I talked last week he sent me $1200.00 cash via express mail which I received last Thursday. I took Carl B. advise and talked to my local branch manager told him about the sale. He suggested opening a new account and not link it to my primary account just for the transaction of the sale and I could close the account when the deal wad done. I E-mail the guy on Friday the 18th, he called I give him my banking information and 3 hours later he called me and told he had wired me $5k. and I should have it Monday or Tuesday, My bank is close today Monday for Presidents day I will find out tomorrow.
  5. Dean my bank advised me aganist wire transfers, as he would have my banking info. I thought about pay pal but I'm not sure if its safe. He's from Switzerland
  6. I have my car for sale I have be in contact with a guy from Europe that wants to buy my 240z. I have read about all the scams in those kind of sale has anyone sold a car to someone out of the country before if so what advice can you give me. I told him no wire transfers, no checks for more than the asking price. I was thinking about a cashier check. What we have talked about is he send me chasers check (fedx DHL UPS ) for half the money I will deposit and see if it clears he said he has a friend in Colorado that's getting married in April and when he comes to wedding he will being the other half and make shipping arrangements. I told him he's not getting the car or the title until I have my funds in full in U.S. dollars.What do you guy think.
  7. Thanks Walter yes that was my ls1- 240z at the show. The 370z will not be my daily driver as I have an 01 infinity I30 for that.
  8. 370 Z or not? I am torn and would like to ask the Z community for your opinion on a dilemma I have. I want to buy a 370z really bad but I just can't bring myself to do it. I have always been a Z enthusiast. I have three 240 and a 69- 2000 roadster. I had a 350z which I bought new in 03 but sadly had to sell in 06 due to the closing of my company. Luckily I was able to take a transfer to another division in the same town. I would like to buy new but it seems like a low miles used 370z makes the most sense. now let me give you little info the 240's 1. First 240 is a 1970 with 56k miles documented - The car was restored in the early 80's by the second owner. the interior still have that new car smell and is rust free no cracks in the dash and everything on the car still works. I have five original wheels and tires and hub caps for the car. I have had the car for 12 years and have only driven about 9k miles. 2. Second car is and early 1971 with 108k miles rust free calif. car with one small crack in the dash. The car is all original and have not been touched.It still has all the original hoses and clamps. the interior is still original but carpets have faded a bit. There is a small tear in the driver seat cushion but the passenger seat is perfect. I bought the car from the original owner 10 years ago with 106 k miles. The car has been garage since new when I bought it had been in the garage for 15 years he was keeping it for his granddaughter but her father didn't want her to have it so the old guy just kept it in storage.He took ill and had to move into a retirement home and put up the car up for sale. The car was under coated when it was new and the undercoating still looks great. I don't drive the car much at all only driven it 2k miles in the ten years I have had it. last time it was on the road was 2007 So in the last 25 years the car has only been driven 2k miles the car still looks great. 3. Car # 3 is a 1971 240z that has been modified now has an LS1 with 6 sp transmission from a 2002 SS Camaro. the car was repainted has Toyota 4 x 4 brakes new carpet racing seats LSD 280 ZX CV new tokico strut and springs braided brake hoses and a killer stereo 15" wheels. The car is a blast to drive I drive it from April to Nov. 4. The roadster I have had for 9 years and also don't drive much at all it too is a calif. car with no rust. The last time I drove it was 6 years ago it too just sits in the garage. My dilemma is which car or car should I sell to get the 370 I really don't want to sell any but I just don't drive them much at all. I could hold of a year and get a 09 370z. By then the price should come down enough that I may not need a very large down payment. So there you have it. What do you guy thing my best option would be?
  9. Whats the plan for Saturday I may come down from Fort wayne.
  10. I have soundproofing in the doors, on the floorboards and in the spare tire compartment
  11. I listen to a wide range of music from old school Hip Hop, top 40, soft rock and reggae. My set up consist of 6-1/2 components in the front, one 12" sub in the spare tire compartment , 6 x 9 in the back I will run the 6 x9 and the 6- 1/2 of my Alipne 80 W x four amp. once I fine a good set to buy.
  12. I'm in the market for some 6 x 9 speakers for my 240z. I have been out of the car stereo game for a long time, not sure what good anymore. I was looking on crutcfield web page and saw a few speakers I'm interested in. Would you guy's look at them and give me recommendation, as I have not heard any of the play. I listen to a wide range of music from old school Hip Hop, top 40, soft rock and reggae. My set up consist of 6-1/2 components in the front, one 12" sub in the spare tire compartment , 6 x 9 in the back I will run the 6 x9 and the 6- 1/2 of my Alipne 80 W x four amp. once I fine a good set to buy. If you of another brand that is of a good quality please let me know Thanks http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/ProdComp.asp?g=52300&s=0&c=3&cc=01&compareItems=500SPR69C&compareItems=065SX95&compareItems=1086939I&compareItems=109GTO937&compareItems=136TR690TX
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    Here's a few pic's pfmy LS1-240z
  14. dat240z71


    Here's a few pic's pfmy LS1-240z
  15. dat240z71


    Here's a few pic's pfmy LS1-240z
  16. dat240z71


    Here's a few pic's pfmy LS1-240z
  17. dat240z71


    Here's a few pic's pfmy LS1-240z
  18. Yuor car is nice, enjot it. It would appear you have done some work to the engine. Could you lits you mods. Thanks
  19. I order a speedo cable for my 240z from VB. they send me one like this. I can't seem to get the white part to fit in the back of the speedometer. Have anyone installed one of these on their and can tell me how to install it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Datsun-240z-260z-280z-Speedometer-Cable-Assembly-NEW_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6763QQhashZitem220081220700QQihZ012QQitemZ220081220700QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW Thanks
  20. I'm thinking about putting a 12 sub in my spare tire well. What I would like to do is install the speaker in wood and screw in down in the well. I would also install sound deadening. Has anyone done this and what is the Sound quality . Or would it be better to build a box to fit down in the speaker tire well and.
  21. We are having a cookout this Saturday June 24tn Here in the Fort from 1 PM -6 PM. Come hang out meet some local Z entusiast and a few of the guys from Indy. No need to bring anything food and drinks will be provided. I f anyone is interested let me know via E-mail or reply to this post, for directions. Dat240z73@aol.com
  22. We know about the race if no one show up just driving my z is rewarding enough.
  23. We having a cruise on Sunday May 28 starting at 3 PM and will cruise until 6 PM and than get dinner. Anyone in the area is invited. If you would like to join us please send mail. Meeting place will be announced by Thursday. We are open to any input one may have. dat240z73@aol.com
  24. I'm in the market for a set of seats for my 240zt. this car is my fun toy I'm not racing or auto crossing with just a driver. What I'm looking for recommendations of a good seat in the $ 400.00 price range. Anyone with experience with one of these seat set could you please give opinion and what brand you have. Thanks