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  1. as mentioned in the initial thread entry... what is the number that is stamped on top of the bell housing? the number on mine is: 7822733
  2. is anyone aware if a 240z radiator will be suitable for a 77 c210? engine's the same...L28.
  3. i'm selling a 260z dash for a friend, and i need verfication if it will fit for a 240z?
  4. 77JAPAN

    260z in Japan?

    i was wondering if japan had a 260z? in the usa market we had: 70-73 for 240z; 74-77 for 260z?; and etc... did japan just have the 240z until 77? just a thought...
  5. OMG... your buddy rick, bought the R32 from my buddy Naoto!
  6. i was wondering in the 1977 gc210 master brake booster is the same for the 240z or 280z? the model i have has disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear.
  7. i'm trying to figure out which firewall opening does the speedometer cable for the 77 cg210 goes through? the previous owner of the vehicle had removed the cablewhich after connecting from the gauge cluster and looking at the manuals i have (au, jp, and uk versions) this is not illustrated for clarification. if anyone can help, i'd really appreciated it...
  8. i joined up that forum but for some reason, i'm unable to post or reply to the topics. i sent a notification to the site admin, but i never hear from them...
  9. so does anyone have pics of their old school skylines in the usa?
  10. so if i wanted to upgrade my 1977 gc210 drums, what year/model should i look for in getting the z finned aluminum drums? 240z?260z?280zx?
  11. i'm curious on what front brake rotors will fit the 77 GC210 skyline? i've hear that the 240z rotors will work, but would like to get this verified. Also...my GC210 has rear brake drums. Does anyone know what brake drums can I use of my GC210?
  12. can anyone post pics of their old school skyilnes? i'll be posting updated pics later this week.
  13. you can add my 77 gc210 skyline japan on the list from las vegas, john as or the R30 nickname... it is referred to TECHKAMEN, and the R31 is called the NEWMAN.
  14. what models? i have the black 77 skyline japan.
  15. i'm curious on how many old school nissan skyline owners are there in the usa?
  16. i have the service manual for the japan, uk, and au versions but there is not much information on the wiring for this car. does anyone have these diagrams that i can reference?
  17. <embed src="http://widget-03.slide.com/widgets/slideticker.swf" quality="high" scale="noscale" salign="l" wmode="transparent" flashvars="site=widget-03.slide.com.com&channel=7370243&cy=un" width="700" height="250" name="flashticker" align="middle" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer"/> As everyone has been waiting for pics, proofs, progress, etc... here is a small slide show that i will be updating throughout the next few months. the goal is to get the car complete by march 2007, which is a 3 years project (technically a 2 year project, after my 1 year hiatus). i will also create a website which will showcase all the new parts that i have been accumulating of the past number of months...until then, enjoy! Johnny O Las Vegas, NV
  18. the registration process of this vehicle is not difficult since its over 20 years old, but the catch is... in nevada it must be registered as a 'classic rod' which your limited to 2000 miles/year. luckily i have the paper work for registration. as for the new parts that i've been able to get. i've been working for a car tuning shop (part time basis) for the past 10 years. we have been working with nissan to get the parts, which 50% are still available. its been a tough project since my goal is to restore the car in 100% oem, yet popping the hood will have its L28 triple mikuni 44's. i'll shortly post pics and a website of my progress. i do have extra C210 parts for sale. i have accumulated parts from japan, australia, and uk. as for my MIA... i started working on another car project (93 Rx7) for my company in japan, which completely side tracked my progress.
  19. it seems like from the responses i've been getting here is a list that i have received... www.rebelloracing.com (Antioch, CA) http://www.vildinimotorsport.com/ (Mission Viejo, CA) http://www.classicdatsun.com/ (Vista, CA) http://www.jmsracing.com/ (Monrovia, CA) i'm uncertain of their prices, yet also important is quality... if anyone want to through their imput, its high appreciated.
  20. i have an L28 bored and stroked w/triple 44 mikuni carbs for my 1977 nissan skyline. i've noticed that the previous owner had done his own work and raced the car in drag, but it seems like it never ran correctly. i figure to invest and get it done right since i've invested a lot in the body, paint, etc... if anyone has any input on the companies mentioned, please provide your input.
  21. i've been MIA for the past year due to other car projects, yet in answering to everyone's question... i'm in las vegas and i purchased the skyline japan back in april of 2004 from an ex-marine in florida. the car was pretty much a p.o.s, so i stared to scratch and currently in the process of completing the project. i've been in search for new oem parts, which i've been fortunate to have friends order me parts from the nissan headquarters. i will soon post a website of the project progress and will keep you all posted.
  22. i've heard of rebello racing and top end performance. has anyone delt with these companies? any recommendations?
  23. I'm currently looking into getting my L28 engine rebuilt with my recently restored triple mikuni carbs. Due to my work schedule, I'm unable to put into the amount of time as I wish, yet I'm posting this thread to get an overall response of who is a reputable L engine rebuilder in SoCal... your help is appreciated.
  24. I'm currently looking for a reputable L28 Engine Rebuilder in the So Cal area... I was referred to "Top End Performance" out in North Hollywood...has anyone heard of their quality of work?
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