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Speedometer cable


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Is there a difference between a 1970 and 1971 speedometer cable. I purchased a spedometer cable for a 240z but noticed a difference on one end. see photos. Mine is the one on the inside taken from a 1970. has anyone had any luck with this.


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You mean the transmission end, the end shown at bottom of your photo?

The old one has that black rubber washer/grommet kind of thing, the new one doesn't?

If that's what it is, you should be OK. I just went through this, putting in one without the rubber piece, where the old one had had one. I took the rubber off the old one and used it. No leaks or anything, cable works fine.

I also don't think it's mandatory that you have that spring like stuff wound around the outside, on the transmission end.

At the speedo end, as long as the threads match up you'll be fine.

Hope that helps some. Let me know if I understood the question right.


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Looks like you have a replacement from Victoria British (the one with the white plastic end), and an OEM variety-other than the obvious quality differences, it will work. I posted almost the same photo some time last year...



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