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  1. They've gone - there was a white and a green 2000 there under Ebbro brand http://www.toyeast.com Not happy at all! But yeah - lots of Z's and the '69 Skyline as well. BTW - the Ebbro Zs look better than the other brands.
  2. I just found this - it's about the closest I'll ever come to finding another coupe I think, but anyway, just if anyone is interested: http://www.toyeast.com/v2/proddetail2.asp?pdtid=A43558 and http://www.toyeast.com/v2/proddetail2.asp?pdtid=A43559 Cheers Pete
  3. Whoops - that'll teach me not to do a translation - I hadn't realised they were models. Agreed on that wagon kyteler - it looks a sweet ride
  4. There's a page on it here: http://www1.ncv.ne.jp/~t-mory/c110top.html Needs translation thugh Can't say the styling impresses me
  5. Nice - I am planning a SR20DET swap myself once I pick up a good shell - but that's given me pause to stop and think. Nah - I have a feeling I'll have a fair bit more space to work with by dropping the SR in - and it may help to balance the weight distribution a bit more too I'm still researching it, any input would be appreciated.
  6. The rear sunshade on this was a pain - at anything over 60km/h it would rattle badly - you can almost make out the GT badges on the rear.
  7. Setanta

    '74 240K GT

    This was my first car, purchased back in '86. Unfortuantely it ended up at the wreckers as it rusted out
  8. In 1986, I bought my first car - a '74 240K GT. 2 previous owners and while it had an original double-DIN radio/tape setup, it didn't have air-con (or even the controls for it). It did have tri-carbs - but that was an aftermarket bolt-on I'm sure. But when sat next to a GL, it was very hard to pick the difference - other than white pin-stripes. I have a feeling the differences were cosmetic.
  9. I have a feeling that I have seen something similar to those wheels - if not those ones on late 70s/early 80s Mitsubishi Sigmas - maybe the Wherrett specials?
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