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  1. It's Running! After reading the last posts I disconnected the line to the fuel filter and blew some compressed air in to it going back to the gas tank. Heard the bubbling in the gas tank. Next I filled both float chambers (I had to order a squeeze bottle that holds fuel and the tube went over the nipple perfectly. The bottle is used for filling RC cars). While I was at it, I filled the fuel filter since I had the line disconnected, figured it wouldn't hurt to help with the priming. I used my wd-40 plastic tube and pushed the floats. They bobbed up and down with no problems. Reconnected the fuel lines hoses and the car started up perfect and runs perfect!!! So I don't know if the floats were stuck and were freed up when adding the gas thru the nipple or if there was just an air pocket in the lines. Thanks everyone for the help and Cliff, great photo and descriptions. You made it real simple for me to follow.
  2. I will try blowing air towards the gas tank and see what I hear. The engine compartment is like new, everything replaced or rebuild 2 yrs ago. Has about 300 miles on is since. I haven't done anything hose/fuel related from the engine compartment back to tank. "I've read on here where cars that sat needed fuel poured into the overflow bungs to get the floats moving up and down maybe unsticking the fuel valves? If you get the float chambers full of fuel at least it would run for a little longer than ether. " Where are the overflow bungs /float chambers? .
  3. So I have checked the manual fuel pump and it works great. I have checked everything from the fuel filter forward and everything is good. Nothing blocked and everything seems in good working order. Just seems like no gas getting to the fuel filter. The car has sat for 6 mths and prior to that ran and started perfect, even when sitting for awhile. Where do I go from here? Is there a filter at the tank or in the tank? Do I need to drop it for the next step? Thanks.
  4. I took the pump out to manually test it. I needed some fuel line so I stopped in at O'Reillys and while I was there I borrowed a test gauge. I just got back and while looking the pump over I tried moving the pump handle a few times. Should it sound like a wounded Seal? It has been sitting about 6 mths.
  5. My 73 Z won't start. Turns over and starts with a few squirts of starter fluid then dies unless I keep squirting it in. Assumption is that it's not getting gas. I changed out the fuel filter and no difference. Plenty of gas in the tank. The engine was rebuilt a few years ago and the carbs all redone by Z therapy. Ran beautiful for the last few years (only about 500 miles put on it.) It would start right up. Since the rest is all original components I assume I have just the mechanical fuel pump in the front passenger side of the engine which I believe a new one was put on after the engine rebuild. How can I test it to see if that's the problem? If I take the line off that comes from the filter should I feel suction when cranking the motor? What else could stop the fuel if the filter and fuel pump are ok? Is there a pick up tube in the tank that might be clogged? Is there a step by step procedure to test and eliminate things? Thanks, Greg
  6. GregP

    Dash cracks

    Sorry to hijack the thread here, but could you guys elaborate on the Just Dash's quality? I was about to go that route because the 2 previous dash's that I had done for my GTO's were terrific. One was done 10 yrs ago and the other 2 yrs ago. Both still outstanding. Have they changed how they do the work or is it the shape of the Z dash that gives them trouble? Anyone else have a Z dash done there?
  7. Nice job! How much of difference did the sound deadening make? I have been thinking of doing it but I want more than just a slight improvement. Greg
  8. I have a 240z with the 918 code paint and 1969 GTO Judge with Carousel Red paint, which is the same as the Chevrolet Hugger Orange. There is not that much of a difference and I get asked at shows why I painted them the same color. I see no reason to change from the original 918 unless you wanted something completely different.
  9. Just found this thread. Did you end up with a definite number of people willing to buy?
  10. I received my four back issue plus the current. Very happy, nice quality magazine. Greg
  11. GregP

    Seat belt upgrade

    The Wesco belts have been very good. They do ride up a bit on the neck area. i picked up an adjuster from Auto Zone. It works perfect, just clips on the belt an stays there. i can slide it a few inches either way for comfort.
  12. Thanks for all the info! Anyone have a part number so I can try to order it through Nissan?
  13. Does anyone make the door pull plastic chrome cover piece? The part that covers the ends of the door pull strap. Mine just fell apart.
  14. Mike, I am an insurance agency owner and car enthusiest. We represent a wide variety of collector car companies here in the New England area. Your really can’t go wrong with companies such as Haggerty and Grundy. Pricing is almost identical and they write Agreed Value (guaranteed value) coverage. Usually no appraisl needed. My own cars are with Hagerty because they have exceptional claims service. I hear the most compliments, by far, about Hagerty after a claim. (Grundy’s is good also). If you can find an agent or agency that knows what they are doing then I would go through them rather than buying direct (online, over the phone). Most people don’t realize the price is the same either way but you get the added avantage of their expertise in coordinationg your coverages and recommendations from an expert. You also have an advocate for claims when needed. Any agency that is really involved in this type of insurance will carry Hagerty, Grundy & others. They are not difficult for an agency to pick up. Good luck. Greg
  15. GregP

    Seat belt upgrade

    Steve, Now I feel stupid. Found the holes now just need to get shorter bolts as the bolds in the kit are ok for the floor but double the length for that area. Thank you for the photo! Pictures sure make it easier. Looks like the same set as yours. Why did you put the reel up high rather than floor? Greg
  16. GregP

    Seat belt upgrade

    I bought the Wesco kit with brackets. I had the retracting lap belt only in my 73. The Wesco has the shoulder mounting point up at the coat hook. At least that's the only point I can find to mount it and the screw/bolt fits it perfect and looks correct according to the diagram in their instructions. My concern is that it seems to me that this is a weak point compared to the much larger bolts used on the floor. Is this the wrong point to mount it or is there some where else that I am missing?
  17. Thanks for the info Jim. That's what I was afraid of. I will check out the b-quiet pads. I just put in a new stereo and speakers and after driving the last few years without I realize how noisy it really is.
  18. I want to install sound reading material to the inside of the Z BUT I plan on doing a frame off restoration on the car in the next 4 or 5 years. I have no experience with the stuff but it looks like it would be difficult to remove when the time comes. Anyone have experience with removal? Can I put it down on a temporary basis such as not using the complete whole sticky side , maybe just the corners? Or duct taping it down? Would this make it not effective for the sound proofing? Maybe I am worrying about nothing and it will just peel back up later? Thanks, Greg
  19. Currently: 73 240z, 69 Pontiac GTO conv, 69 Pontiac GTO Judge, 77 Pontiac Trans Am, 2011 Cad CTS 2004 CAD SRX 2011 GMC Terrain
  20. I posted a similar question back in 2009,. The answers have led me to believe my 73 with the blue air cleaner is original. Here is the post. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/body-paint-s30/35107-air-cleaner-blue-orange.html Greg
  21. Jerry, Just an FYI. I had the seat belts (5) for my 69 GTO Conv done by Ssnake Oyl about 15 years ago. Came out fantastic and still are show quality today. Pricey but top quality work that I couldn't have done myself. Nice job showing the steps you are taking. Greg
  22. I will be following you restoratiom with interest, thanks for posting the start. Do you have any photos of the rotisserie and how you attached it? What kind are you using? I am thinking of using one when I start my resto. Greg
  23. Couldn't find the CD with the parts numbers here. Can anyone direct me to a place to buy it?
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