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  1. Those 599-003s look like the ones I got at Auto & Truck Specialties in Colorado Springs. They cost $2.95 apiece, but I only had to buy 4. ATS' part number is 71-3505. HTH, Matt H.
  2. TomoHawk, Dave's post from 09/26/2004 contains a pic that shows his prototype harness plugged into those connectors by the radiator support. Unfortunately, he has no source for the round 280Z type. So if you would like a VB harness to cut up and install like Prox has, I will sell you one cheap. Prox, thanks for the update. VB's ad ("no cutting required") was a little inaccurate.
  3. Gary, all, That price is from last November. I PM'd Dave last week and he is gathering parts for a new batch, still 240Z only. The price is now $83 to your door. Prox, please let us know how that VB harness works for ya.
  4. I bought one of the VB harnesses and found out how I could lose. The "OE-style" connectors would plug into the headlights if they would fit through the holes in the back of the buckets, but the +12v wires are too short to reach the battery. It does look like it will work on my 510, but it looks like I'll be getting one of Dave's for the Z.
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