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  1. Damn that guy with the blue 73' 240z is loaded or something awesome Z I realy wonder if I should buy one now. I'm a student with 11,000 cdn in his bank account :stupid: what do you say? I realy don't know wich car to buy at ALL. Please no civic or volks suggestion One guy in my region is selling a pontiac beaumont 69' fully restored for 8000$cdn, awesome deal. worth 14,000$ needs to sell a.s.a.p , I have the cash but if I buy it i'd be broke so hard for me to choose a car damn
  2. Yep i received the pics thanks for the link! i'll check this out sorry no idea
  3. Hi guys, im fairly new around here. I might get a 1977 280z and I would like to know if this bumper: would fit on it. If yes, where can I purchase it? and this one also. Is it a custom made bumper? or can it be purchased somewhere? Also does anyone know what size , Brand/Model are the Rims + Tire on the Blue Z >? Can it fit a 280z 1977 and the wheels on this one also! sorry for so much questions ehhe
  4. yep tried both things still ain't loading if you wish you can send it to my email: info@unikkoncept.com
  5. Don't worry if I get a Z i'll buy a beater for the winter
  6. he's asking 3800$cdn I'm pretty sure i'll be able to deal the price lower.
  7. thanks a lot for the tips guys! i'll ask him about that california importation
  8. Hi guys, i'm new to these forums and in the Z's in general. I'm 21 years old from Canada,Quebec. I've been reading a lot this week on 240z/280z. Realy nice cars. I've been browsing the net and I found a few Z for sale in my region. One guy is selling a blue 1977 280z. He said it was imported from california 5 years ago. VIN# is HLS30370382 5 gear , but the 5th gear has a problem. On reverse you need to "hold the shifter because it to go out" Is it a "relatively" good daily driver? I realy don't know what car to buy. I have about 7000$cdn and I want something "classic" like the old Z maybe you guys could give me a few suggestions PS: english isn't my main language
  9. how come does he have 5 lug on his Z?? hey good to know there another canadian on the board :classic: your pic aren't working mate! i'd suggest to use: http://www.uploadit.org/ 20 files limit with 200kb limit per file but it's free!
  10. i'd like the same wheels as this one http://www.240zconversions.com/ (the orange Z) Does anyone know the Brand/Model and size of it?
  11. Hi guys, I just signed up!. Looks like a great forum! I'm 21 years old and I just sold my Cadillac STS 1993. I'm currently checking a few car and I'm very interested to buy a 280z 1977. Some guy in my region is selling it for 3800$cdn. I might be able to deal it at 3000$cdn :classic: I'm from canada,quebec I would like to get some Wheels suggestion Brand/Model + size I don't know much about Z's in general. What is the differences between 240z , 260z and 280z? I realy prefer early Z model (80's aren't my cup of tea) thanks , all reply will be greatly appreciated!
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