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  1. I'll mostly be working from home but will need to travel to Nashua and Marlboro, MA once a week or so. I'm looking somewhere west of Nashua mostly. You travel to Albany Oregon for work? What line brings you here?
  2. I will certainly look up the club when we get settled. Hopefully sometime in June, July or August. My plan is to find storage for one of the cars and all my tools, parts and make an initial run in May to move the garage. Then I'll tow the second car on the final trip out. I'm getting storage quotes now for 10x30 or so spaces. I'd love to find a deal if you know anyone with an empty barn or warehouse space! Thanks
  3. Hello All, I'm facing a coast to coast move and just can't justify bring the parts car. It's a 72 240 mostly complete, plus I have a F54/P79 motor and other assorted items. Photos are in gallery and ads are posted in classified. Located N. Albany Oregon. Soon to be 2 new Z's in New Hampshire !! Cheers !
  4. Jimbeaux

    right rear

    Parts car for sale
  5. Jimbeaux

    left rear

    Parts car for sale
  6. Jimbeaux


    Parts car for sale
  7. Jimbeaux

    Engine bay

    Parts car for sale
  8. Parts car for sale
  9. Gary, this one looks like a 280 (as stated by AZ-240z) and it's in Portland.
  10. Wouldn't miss it! It'll be Sunday for me.
  11. Here are three that have been in family for about 5-10 year now. VIN's for this thread, nicknames for a recent thread and condition for the current poll. Sylvester - hls30-449823 build 2/78 - 80% complete with complete total resto. Warren - hls30-83771 build 5/72 - faithful daily driver. Yellow - hls30-26542 build 3/71 - mostly original, been parked for 10 years, patiently waiting.
  12. I don't recall the amount of space at the front of the pan to work with trying the magnet trick. AIR, a small flexible magnet may work and yes, the key should stick to it nicely. If it did fall in and you have not had a lot movement in the area, it probably isn't far. As far as leaving it in the pan (if it is truly there) I'd be uncomfortable if it was my car.
  13. I too suggest the OEM key. A nice snug fit in the crank and pulley keyways is important, a little slop could make a mess over time. Be careful when installing the pulley that the key doesn't get pushed up/back in the crank slot and bind the pulley or "bugger up" the grooves. If the key is firmly seated in the bottom of the crank keyway and the key "flat" surface is parallel with the crank you'll have no problem. I would also wonder where the original key went. Perhaps a quick inspection to insure it didn't drop into the pan? Enjoy the project.
  14. Lot 309 Looks like it sold for $ 11,556.00. It also appears the same car sold at BJ in AZ last year as Lot 408 for $13,500.00 Both were HLS30-74204.
  15. I have a tank and cleaner I bought used from an automotive industrial supplier in Houston 10 years back. The Pro's: It's Big It's Heavy It held 40 gallons of Varsol The Con's: It's Big It's Heavy It held 40 gallons of Varsol I moved last year to Oregon and it cost me $150.00 to dispose of the solvent before moving. After numerous calls SafetyKleen took the solvent. It's a difficult item to move around by yourself. The petroluem based stuff can smell up the garage pretty quickly and is rough on your skin. Even keeping it in the corner by the door, running a fan and using gloves it was strong. The Varsol cleaned everything very well. The tank is empty now but I'm thinking of trying the aqueous path this time. I'd love to hear more on this subject. It sounds like it cleans fairly well. What does this stuff smell like? What are the disposal methods? Jim
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