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  1. Thanks mate, unfortunately the engine is out of car so measuring up is a bit tricky Thinking about it I might be able to compare it with a stock manifold and downpipe if I can find those again!! Cheers, Rob
  2. Hi All, I bought a set of Trust/Greddy headers on ebay a while back. Seller said they were off an early L-engine Skyline. I never got around to test fitting them in my Zed so I'm not 100% sure if they'd fit, I'm now planning on selling them so don't want to falsely advertise them. I seem to recall that there are issues fitting Zed specific headers in to Skylines, but I don't know if the reverse is true. Any ideas folks? Cheers, Rob
  3. Hey Brian, It's not really a step back to the R200, the R230 was only on the torque monster Z32TT, the Z32NA used the R200 instead. Makes sense to use it as it's more than strong enough for these applications and a lot lighter than the R230. Cheers, Rob
  4. Well why don't you do it then?!!! Still, it looks depressingly better than my complete rust bucket, and those seat covers are particularly fetching!! Sunroof blues too, oh well, can't have everything!! Cheers, Rob
  5. Check out this thread: http://www.zclub.net/forum/showthread.php?t=4699 Wyn has basically stuffed a 4.0l RV8 from a TVR Chimaera in to his Z in record time. BTW to get around 300 ponies you need to be looking at 5.0l engines, at which point fuel economy is laughable anyway Cheers, Rob
  6. Yup, #2 is the way to go, otherwise you won't be able to assemble the top perch and isolator thingamajig! Cheers, Rob
  7. Just like to add that I've now installed both harnesses to my RHD '73. I have to echo everyone else and say the quality is excellent and help from Dave is second to none! In terms of delivery I recieved my harnesses before the international tracker postage service I used said Dave had received my money order - superb! Since then Dave has been extremely helpful to an electically clueless person, answering all my dumb questions clearly. Any one else thinking that there might be an issue installing on RHD cars, don't worry, it's just as easy as on LHD! cheers, Rob
  8. Handy install with pics here: http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/suspension/comprod/ball&socket/index.htm Sounds like you're on the right lines with the heat approach. Cheers, Rob
  9. I do indeed agree that it's well and truly crossed the line in to spam-land, however I would be interested to hear webdawg's findings on the product. I haven't used it yet, been using POR15 which apart from the effort in prep seems to do a decent enough job, especially in comparison to the crud that is Hammerite. Cheers, Rob
  10. Whilst I can't help but think this is like selling ice to Eskimos given the predominantly US-centric audience of this site, and on that count doesn't rank particularly highly on the well-researched-target-ometer, it is of slight interest to us poor rusty Brits - it would appear Megan is in the UK - as Rust Bullet sounds like a reasonable alternative to POR15. On the downside, the UK distributor listed on http://www.rustbullet.com has a different email and phone number, so you can read in to that what you will! Cheers, Rob
  11. Nope, the difference is on the backside of the wheel mounting face. The net result of thicker hub and thinner brake disc hat on the 260 is the same as the thunner hub and thicker brake disc hat of the 240. Both discs end up in the same position which is handy as the caliper is in the same location on both cars To gain more track without spacers, you could look at using Z31 hubs, but they're 5 stud, and then you'll be having fun with brakes! Cheers, Rob
  12. I'm slowly going about fitting a Z31 300ZX T5 to my 240Z, like boostedz says the input shafts are different lengths - see pic, the 280ZX shaft is much shorter. So I need to get the box to a gearbox place to have them do a proper job of swapping the shafts, they can also seal the bellhousing on while they're at it. The Z31 output shaft is bigger as well, which can only be a good thing. Other differences are the ratios. the 280ZX T5 has 3.5, 2.144, 1.375, 1, 0.78, where as the Z31 box has 3.35, 2.056, 1.376, 1, 0.752. I'm coupling to a 3.9 R200 so fingers crossed the ratios should be a good match for fun driving :devious: Cheers, Rob
  13. I've got 16x8x0 with 225x45 on the back. Rear end hasn't been lowered yet (will only be dropped an inch anyway) no fit issues. Cheers, Rob
  14. I'm frankly amazed that you guys ever bother with the pickel fork things. I appreciate that the separators aren't the cheapest tool going but they're far from the most expensive and will save you in the long run by not unnecessarily damaging the joint boots. Right tool for the right job, I've learnt that the hard way, and will continue I'm sure Cheers, Rob
  15. No Andrew, Mercedes own Smart Get yee back to your R200!!! Cheers, Rob
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