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  1. symon


    Hi Alan, This is the photo that helped me decide to paint my CSP311 in white. Thanks for everything. Symon
  2. Hi everyone, I´d just like to add that I only want my car. It´s just right :-) ´76 260Z 2 seater, 284 flywheel bhp, wonderful suspension, great brakes and I know it won´t let me down EVER !!!!!! Symon
  3. Hi, I also think you have been over charged or maybe Midas is really inept. Nearly always it is worth going to a Z specialist that would charge less and give you a better performance system. Symon
  4. Hi J P D, Stupid me ! I forgot the photos :stupid: I hope they are of use to you. Symon
  5. Hi SBlake, I saw the Silvia information that you mentioned in the book but I was looking for a more fuller account of the CSP311 history. There is so little iwritten information about these cars. I have been lucky to have been in contact with other CSP311 owners throughout the world ( by e mail ) and they have helped me greatly with the smaller details of the car so that I can get it just right, but I am still looking for a set of orginal hubcaps and a right hand side rear lamp base Symon
  6. Hi JPD, I had a similiar problem that I wanted one for just one car. I used 2 engine stands and produced some brackets to bolt them on to the car. I have included some photos for your amusement. Symon
  7. Hi Mike, It´s good to be in touch with the author of one of my favorite books. I found the information really interesting as many of the Datsun cars did not come to Europe. I actually bought the book to try and get some information on my CSP311 Silvia but as the book deals with the US model cars unfortunately it was not covered. Though you did not get rich writing the book at least it helped keep you occupied for a 12 years :knockedou For everybodies information I picked up my copy on Amazon.com it cost me a small fortune but it was well worth it. Symon
  8. Hi Cuong Nguyen, Thanks for pointing out the photos of the Silvia Once you have had a GTR you can´t be without one. I ´ve driven and owned lots of performance cars and the GTR gets my vote as the best allrounder, fastest ( mine´s got 534 bhp ) and most fun through the corners. It also does wonders with the ladies ! :surprised Symon
  9. That is exactly like I want my Silvia to be . The "old girl" is currently getting a new coat of Silvia Gold Anybody know where I can pick up an original hubcap ? :stupid: I would like make a set for my car. :lick: Symon
  10. Hi brianglawson, I can´t help much with the other engines but as I have a R32 GTR Skyline at least I can give you some ideas. In a relatively heavy (1400 kg )Skyline the performance of the RB26DETT is astonishing. My car has had a light ECU work over and nothing else and runs 0 - 160 kph in less than 10 seconds. The car runs right up to the redline in 5th which is a realistic 305 kph. Now in a car which is quite a bit lighter and smaller the performance would be like the Enterprise at Warp Factor 9.6 ! Just do the right thing a fit a standard RB26DETT in your Z and get a radar detector ! And then use the car as you daily driver , you will even enjoy getting up to go to work ! Symon
  11. My 260Z is called " El Datsun", the Silvia is " la Silvia" & the Skyline is " Godzila". Too easy !!!!!! At least my future ex wife loves our cars, enjoys them & drives " El Datsun" regularly. " Godzila" frightens the s**t out of her so it´s mine !!! Symon
  12. I understand that photos that I post on a public site can be seen by anyone & will probably be downloaded at some time. The photos that I don´t want flying around the web are safely on my hard disk ! The watermark showing the clubs logo, web site address & maybe the details of the person who posted the photo is fine by me.
  13. Hi Guys,´ It seems like a good book from all reports. It appears that prices have gone up if the original cover price was 8 dollars. I have paid more :stupid: Beandip - No I havn´t received an e mail from you. Please send again to symon@csp311.com Regards Symon
  14. Hi Billramsey2000, The book is the complete Datsun guide by Michael F Hollander. I saw information on the Planet Cedric Website & found a used copy on Amazon.com. It certainly looks like an entertaining read. As I leave in a Datsun free zone the only way I can find out more is by websites, forums & books. I´ll review the book for the forum members as & when I receive. Regards Symon
  15. Hi Rick, Yes really nice blokes. I was really surprised at the response. Everything is under way & I presume that in a couple of weeks I´ll have the book ! I still am planning to visit OZ next year so I´ll try to visit ! Regards Symon
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