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  1. I installed one on a 77 280. it was simple. 1. take apart the console. 2. cut hole in console (super easy in my case it was already there just had to cut out the excess from around where the old tape deck was) 3. Find out what wires you need (power, ground, accessory...) 4. find the wires in the harness and away you go!
  2. i made a custom shift knob. Used a small piston out of a lawnmower. Attached a bolt with the same thread pattern as the shifter inside the piston and she screws right on. Looking into getting a z ingraved on the top. I think it turned out very nice. Feels great too.
  3. steveo77

    Hybridz Help

    i had problems the last couple of days, today it was back and upgraded, also had a msg on the front page about virus' being sent to them so they band some ip's for the time being or something. scan your pc for any virus' and hold tight!
  4. Found this, thought it could help http://www.hybridz.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=26946&start=0
  5. Koslov: i see you got the pics i sent you. Try charlie osbourne in kingston ontario for the bumpers http://www.datsunzparts.ca/ this way you avoid currency changes and border fees/ brokage fees
  6. Not sure why the pics aren't working, never had a problem before. Try right clicking and going choose show pic, might need to do it a couple times. Could also try right click, properties and copy and paste the url into another window. here are some others, hope they work. lots of people on here have very nice rims, check out www.hybridz.org also
  7. Koslov Hey whats up, im from ottawa, just bought a 77 280z, paid 5500 for it buts in in nice shape and came with aftermarket rims i think the really go nicely on the car.
  8. could also look into cowl induction. Not sure if there is room though. and im not familiar with carbed engine bay
  9. http://www.zcarcreations.com/howto/intakepage.htm
  10. so are you guys using harness' or are you hard wiring them in? i can't seem to find a harmess up here in ottawa canada.
  11. wow , thanks guys! I got more info then what i needed. I just wanted to throw in some decent 6x9's and wanted to know what you guys did.
  12. awesome guys thanks alot!
  13. Hey I have a 77 280z and would like to install a nice system in it. Nothing to loud, just a deck and some quality 6X9's so here are my questions. i know the alternator on the car is weak (just because there was no need for a huge alternator back when) , can it still support a system? where can i put the speakers? i was thinkin behind the seats in 6x9 boxes or doing something like this you guys have any other solutions? where else could i put some ? under the dash?
  14. wow that was the solution i was looking for! thanks guys!
  15. Ya i looked through some pics and came across that car, i sent him a msg, waiting for a reply, that is one sick looking ride. Do you know the name of the kit?
  16. bruce almighty there's a z in that movie!
  17. Hey guys, i 've got a 77 280z and i hate the crash bumpers it has. I've done a search but haven't really found an answer yet. here is my question, what can i do to get rid of them? i've heard you can put on 240 bumpers, or you can just take them off and get a kit from msa. what would the best solution be? i would like that air dam, lip, kit (or whatever you want to call it) look. any pics would also be great! p.s what about the back bumper? thanks all steve ottawa canada
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