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  1. well, the 240K is sold. A friend bought it to do up as a track car. He had been looking for a 1600 for about a year because he's rallied them in the past and knows them inside out, but good bodies are getting hard to find. One look at the 240K and he was really keen. It's basically just a bigger 1600, with the same suspension layout, so all his knowledge on the 1600 is transferable to the K. And like he said, everyone has a 1600, the 240K is something a bit different to the rest of the crowd. And 240K's have proved to be quite competitive in rallying here in QLD, so there's no reason they can
  2. I've got 5 cars: R31 Skyline sedan - everyday car 1200 coupe - race car MQ Patrol SWB - tow car R30 Skyline coupe - project 240K coupe - also a project waiting to happen... I'm getting rid of the R31 and the old Patrol, and replacing them with a newer GQ Patrol (deisel) which is actually more economical than the Skyline and just as comfortable. And when I get rid of the 240K I'll be down to 3 cars - one for everday stuff and towing etc, one race car, and one project car...
  3. I've decided it's time to get rid of a few of my cars. I simply don't have the time and money for all of them. And as much as I would like to keep the 240K, it's on the hit list to go. It needs paint, but it has a good rust free body except for minor front end damage (radiator was not damaged so it was not a big impact), and comes with a good straight bonnet and bumper which I bought for it.. has fibreglass flares (not GTR style) and rear spoiler. It has a Rover/Leyland 4.4l all Alloy V8 with Supra 5spd (Dellow conversion). Engine is in good condition. QLD Transport approved conversion (docum
  4. Thanks for those pics James. I would have gone for them if they were the 4 spoke style, but I think I'll stick with my other idea for the wheels.
  5. Thanks Gav. I run in Improved Production 1601-2000cc, and it's pretty competitive in its class. That photo was taken last year at the Bathurst Speed Weekend, where I won my class, but the bigger more powerful cars had a pretty big advantage on the long straights at Bathurst, and there were some very fast cars there! I just put a new engine in the 1200 at the start of this year. It's an L18 engine, which has been taken out to 1995cc. Forged pistons, destroked L20B crank, a fair bit of port and combustion chamber work, Manley inlet valves, Datrally manifold and twin 45 Webbers. Cam has .585" lif
  6. Gday James, maybe if you were to throw in a set of those flares to sweeten the deal a bit... I remember you giving me some info about the flares before, but I must have lost the details. Good to hear from you again. Hey, I see you're selling a set of 15*7 Dragways on Ozdat...are they 4 spoke style or something else? would you be able to measure the backspace for us? I guess I just want to know if they fill out the flares, but a backspace measurement would be nice. Harry
  7. I know what you mean Gav240z, I was never a fan of the 240K until I saw pics of the GTR version. I'm very keen to get a set of the proper GTR flares that you guys have organised - great work btw! Wantanabes might be a bit out of my budget. I have other plans for the wheels which should suit it pretty well. And once the back to metal respray is done (I'm leaning towards metallic silver) it should start to look the part. I've posted a pic of it in its current state in my gallery http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=9723&password=&sort=7&thecat=500. The alloy V8
  8. A mate at the start line of a SuperSprint in his neat 240Z.
  9. yeah kyteler that's me. It's great to find a place with other enthusiastic 240K owners. You know what surpised me most about the K when I got it home? a tilt adjustable steering column in a '73 model car! really didn't expect that...
  10. gday everyone, I first found this site cause I’m a bit of a Z fan and have friends who own and race 240 and 260Zs. I joined up a while ago when I saw some discussion about C110GTR stuff, and have had a bit of a chat with Lachlan about some GTR bits and pieces for my 240K coupe, but I’ve never got around to posting. But now that there’s a 240K section I thought I should say hi. My 240K coupe is patiently waiting for a restoration. I bought it as is almost 2 years ago now, with some minor front end damage, stuffed paint, dodgy flares, and a 4.4l alloy V8 with Supra 5spd :classic:. It’s
  11. this is how it was when I bought it (and how it still is...) Minor front end damage, terrible paint, and dodgy looking fibreglass bits. But there's a 4.4l alloy V8 under the bonnet
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