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  1. great looking car, I think theres a good number of skyline out here in So cal we should have a meet or something. Mikey what you wont be at JCCS this year??
  2. The group buy ended last Sunday. I did not place an order because I'm not sure of the size. But I went and order 16x8.5 for the front and 16x9.5 for the rear to be safe, since I missed the cut off date I had to pay retail price. Thanks Brian, this is actually the look I was trying to get. They look like 9 or 9.5 for the rear and may be 8 or 8.5 for the fronts. doesnt look any thing like a ricer to me. Any idea on what the tires size is??
  3. Hello guys does any body know if 16x9 -13 and 16x9.5 -12 will work on a hakoska? I need to find out before I get in on the group buy.
  4. mikey whats the offset on the that 15x8.5 any where near -6 post some pictures
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