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  1. Carl, I ended up with my stash of Holy Grail parts through pure serendipity. For the past 30 or so years I've kept in touch with Nissan/Datsun parts availability through careful tea reading combined with help from the guys at my local dealer with whom I've had a relationship for almost 40 years.
  2. Hi Kats, There is also an identical paper sticker on the steering rack, location varies from car to car!
  3. When I'm done in a couple of months I'll post some pix.
  4. Reproduction Ever Wing 240 interior mirrors are at www.zzxdatsun.com. Click on Catalog at the top of the page then Latest and Greatest on the left.
  5. Guys, Guys, Guys, don't over do it!!! I'm in the process of prepping what should be the next 240 Gold medallion car for the 2020 convention. Here's the way I apply the yellow to achieve the correct look. I buy a can of School Bus Yellow spray paint at Lowe's/Home Depot, brand not important. At the same time I buy 3-4 1 inch foam brushes. Spray the paint into the plastic can cap, dip the foam brush into the yellow and apply. Results aren't too neat and the paint is thin, just like Nissan did it. Very interesting discussion about the red trans marks. Absolutely not the same from car to car and not always red. My last restoration, 10/71 Red with white, had a multi color piece of art on top of the trans. Difficult to reproduce but I think I did that line worker justice. Unfortunately can't seem to be able to find the picture I can't be sure I took, damn! Oh Yeah, don't forget the blue assembly marks on the balance pipe freeze plugs. AND the blue dot on the 240 fuse link. Just scratched the surface of this topic and have created enough confusion for now. Cheers
  6. Excellent quality reproduction Ever Wing interior mirrors are already available from Banzai Motorworks www.zzxdatsun.com
  7. I only had a chance to look at the BAT listing briefly before it was purchased. As is the case with so many of the BAT Z car listings, many of the comments were from what I call "internet experts". We all know the type, had a Z for 6 months and are now one of the wanna be recognized experts. I get a call from one of these types from time to time. Anyway, getting off course. This car was from the first batch. I can tell because the air filter housing decals were painted around rather than replaced with my reproductions. Had their been pictures of the ID plates perhaps I could have pinned it down a bit tighter. It was mid/late in the first batch, all Pierre cars, when Nissan started to use my products as well as the soft trim from Distinctive Industries. Sad thing about the early first batch, almost of the diamond pattern vinyl was reused as there just wasn't any left in the parts dept. It was about the time that the second batch cars got started that Nissan commissioned me to significantly expand my offerings. Second and final/third, batch cars had the full compliment of my reproduction parts and DI soft trim which made them so much more desirable. The whole story is much broader than my musings here but it's late and I'm tired. Cheers PS While the DI Wilton Wool carpets aren't correct they sure are nice!
  8. A sample of some of the Holy Grail parts collecting dust at the shop
  9. Given the part number it may be from a V-3 kit
  10. Is this an original blue car? What color interior?
  11. I was taught at the Datsun factory service schools I attended in the 70s to refer to Datsun products by the production date found on the door jamb ID plate. The series 1, series 2 stuff thrown around today is an invention of the internet, NOT Datsun. However, speaking in general terms the model year for Datsuns changed in the 9th month of production. The exception is the 73 240. That model year started in the 7th month of 72. However, as my customers have pointed out to me over the years, there are anomalies (I love them, they help make the Z car hobby so interesting) that occurred mostly in 6/72. Some 72 parts/some 73 parts. Cheers
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