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  1. Here is the fusebox, it looks fine to me.
  2. An extra part of information: My friend who was helping out accidentally touched a wrench to the positive terminal of the battery while the negative terminal was still connected. He wasn't harmed but that may have caused this issue.
  3. I recently took my alternator out and put it back in, but the car will no longer fire. I used starter fluid and confirmed that the engine was sparking at the right time but there was no fuel. I used a noid light to confirm that the injectors are receiving no signal. What would be the most common causes of this issue and how would I check them?
  4. The pressure gauge reads about 35 psi whether the car is on or off, and with fluid the car fires for a moment and then sputters for about the same time before returning to just cranking. Spraying more fluid makes it fire longer. If there’s anyone in the Boulder area who can figure it out that would be great.
  5. I know I’m kind of bumping a dead thread here but I finally got around to trying with starting fluid. When the fluid is used, the car does turn over, but immediately sputters and returns to just cranking. The fuel pressure gauge is showing fuel in the line and I know the car is getting spark because it is able to turn over for a split second. I’m kind of stumped here.
  6. Alright, things are hooked up now. However, the car now will not start. It does crank, but it doesn’t start.
  7. I'm referring to the second black wire. The red and white one is shaped oddly so the cup is not at the end and it's already hooked up.
  8. What would the third wire connect to?
  9. Is the E stud the cylindrical part with the hole in it? I don’t remember taking a bolt out of that, and underneath the car is bolt-free. If I need a bolt, where could I get one?
  10. Hey. I’ve been having trouble with my battery lately and I decided to have my alternator tested. It came back positive. However, upon bolting it back in, I realized that I did not take a picture of the wiring before it was taken off. I thought I did, but my phone’s camera was delayed and all I got was a blurry shot of the fender. I’ve tried looking for resources to help, but there seems to be next to no information about the wiring of the alternators used on the ‘78 model. I have some stuff figured out, but these last three have me stumped. Could any of you help me out?
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