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  1. It was all going well for a while but now I have the same issue, it's not being fixed by the linkage any more. I'm thinking it might be caused by a vacuum leak but i checked everywhere and don't know what else to check to be honest. Carb adjustment doesnt make any difference. I am at a point where I might just buy some new carbs to be honest. Or just go EFI
  2. So I have the overheating problem with the car just idling for about 15-20 minutes, could be carbon deposits since I dont know how this car was running before I got it. I am looking into how to get this out, do you recommend fuel additives? I had originally run sea foam with my gas to clean everything up, but is there something people recommend for these cars?
  3. I’m measuring temp based on the gauge, I know it’s running hot because I’m still getting run on when I turn off the car, there may be air getting in somewhere so I will check with some carb cleaner and see if I hear any change in RPM. For the cooling system I’ve flushed it twice before running the car and have all new fluid in there, also know it’s flowing well from some small leaks I had and fixed. I may be running Lean so I’ll mess with the carbs s bit and see if it fixed anything. Heading over where the car is before class and will take a look at the impeller blades
  4. Thanks to all of you guys for your help @Zed Head @SteveJ @Racer X, I got it working as soon as I was hooked up to the resistor instead of the coil. Unfortunately it’s not enough cooling and the car is still getting a bit hotter than I would like, so I’ll be getting another 12 inch and installing it next to the first one, as well as setting the temp it comes on lower
  5. Got it, I will take a look when I get into it tomorrow morning, hopefully it works. Unfortunately won’t be able to take it out until I get the mustang that’s blocking off the jack stands 😆. More motivation to get its transmission back in I guess
  6. Got it, just watched this video, thank you so much
  7. I don’t believe I have them reversed, I am positive the red and yellow are going to the right spot (it’s a lot more clear with newer wires haha). Regarding the black/white wire at the ballast resistor, i should hook it up after the resistor but before the coil right? I attached a picture of the wiring diagram and circled where I intend to wire it into.
  8. Okay got it, I’ll connect the yellow to the ballast resistor wire tomorrow before I get started, I see now how I am grounding it. I’ll test the wires this time with the key on to also make sure I am getting the right one Thank you guys so much for your help
  9. that's also where i was when touching the relay wire to the ignition coil
  10. Hey guys I just got back home after doing some work on the 260z. When I bought the car it did not have a fan or fan clutch (honestly no idea why), so after I finally got the car running and the brakes and clutch in order my last step was to install a fan, the prices were higher than i expected so I just decided to do a electric fan setup. So I bought a Hayden electric fan relay wiring kit, and a small 12inch fan (with plans on adding a second one soon, I just really want to drive the car. I believed I had everything wired up correctly, relay to ground and positive battery terminal, one wire to
  11. I know I’m cleaning it up haha, it’s It’s been sitting outside in Colorado for years. It’s a 74, it definitely has one I see it capped off with a bolt on the passenger side. Really not sure what the previous owner was trying to do.
  12. @heyitsramaI believe they did, I had bought a kit with all the fuel lines and am planning to install them, but I think I’m going to need a new fuel rail for the return, here’s a picture of the setup right now, and you may be able to see it better in the video I posted earlier.
  13. Holy crap guys it’s perfect now, it was just the linkage!! I readjusted it and now I’m idling at a smooth 800-1000. (Atleast I think so, my rpm gauge decided to stop working all of a sudden LOL). It also had a ridiculously loud exhaust for a car that’s actually pretty slow. Thank you so much for all your help!! IMG_5568.MOV
  14. Okay I think I understand what @Zed Headbetter now, so I’m getting too much air that’s causing it to run rich, so I’m thinking that could be either a vacuum leak(but I’m not sure since it’s not running rough just idling high). The other likely culprit could be that the carb wasn’t running choke plates ? When I rebuilt the hole for the choke shaft was welded close. I’m headed out now to check the linkage
  15. Quick question before I get into it tomorrow morning, I'm wondering if it could be some other issue with timing or something? This is my first time running this engine so I am not sure. The thing with the idle is, although it is high at 2500 rpm, it is not rough or jumpy at all. It holds it pretty steadily. What do you think? Also thank you so much for helping me out!
  16. Okay I’ll loosen up the screws to not damage the carbs, I didn’t over tighten, I had seated them and turned them two full turns out, but while adjusting I tightened it in one more term. I believe the smoke coming out is run on(dieseling) from excess fuel. I’m going to borrow a fuel pressure test from autozone and see what I can figure out tomorrow. I’ll also unhook the gas pedal linkage and see if I can get the throttle stop to sit more forward as that may be part of my problem. no I don’t believe there’s any electrical solenoids on them
  17. Hey guys I also just realized that my throttle stop is sitting really far forward after installing the carbs, compared to when I had them out of the car. I wish I I had a picture right now but I work on the car at a lot an hour away. Basically even with the idle speed screw screwed in all the way it doesn’t touch the throttle stop. Could I have just bolted it down too far forward by accident?
  18. Thank you @Zed Head, so what do you think the problem could be? Could it be running rich due to too much fuel pressure? Should I try installing a regulator? also could the fact that I don’t have a choke be causing the issue? I’m sorry if my questions aren’t advanced,I literally just started learning about carbs and how they work about a week ago. Thanks for your time
  19. Quick note to add that I’d love to ask you about, I don’t have a fuel return line, the previous owner removed it. Do you think this could be causing my issue??
  20. Thanks for answering man, there’s no way That originally pouring fuel into the carbs should be causing the motor running after turning it off right? I just rebuilt the carbs and everything was functioning and sliding properly when I manually tested them regarding the PSI, since the 260z had both an electric and mechanical pump is the system getting too much gas? And even if that Is the case, isn’t the point of the float to limit the amount of gas ? I’ll give the carb cleaner in the carb while running a shot and hope that works. I was able to get it down to about 2500 rp
  21. Hey man, that sucks I know it can be frustrating. Basically what Steve suggested which was filling the fuel rail with gas to get the carbs full, I also added starter fluid. Once the car was running I noticed I got gas in the fuel filter and so that was a good sign. I did two more cycles of this until eventually my mechanical pump got the whole system going. If you have any more questions I can give more details on the phone. My number is 973-883-5076
  22. Hey guys so after trying to get my 260z with Weber 32/36 carbs set up(which I just rebuilt) I finally got it running today! It’s not running too good though haha. When I started it up it was idling at about 5k rpm! I tightened the idle mixture screws a bit and got it down to 3k rpm, obviously better but still really high. Another strange thing is when I turn off the car, it almost keeps running but dies slowly and starts blowing some white smoke from the top of the carbs. If I want to kill it right away as soon as I turn it off, I floor it to open the throttle valves and it shuts down smoothly
  23. Okay so I primed the fuel lines, starting fluid and cleared the line coming out of the gas tank! I’m getting fuel now up to the mechanical pump which I see in the fuel filter but still not getting enough to the carbs, I know I’m getting some because the car will sometimes just barely start and then die. I think the mechanical pump may be bad. Just ordered one that should be here at the end of the day!
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