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    1983 280ZX in Cadet Blue. Runs good with 254,000 miles. 29mpg on recent trip from TX to CO. A/C works good as well. Rust bubbles in wheel well area and roof leading edge. Looking to get repaired and restored. Looking for a cruise control rehab as well. Turns on but no engagement.

  1. You can see the rust on the normal areas. It's through in some places but not too bad considering.
  2. I have a 1983ZX Coupe that has 254,000 miles on it. I’ve done a lot of internal work over the years, rebuilt Trans, repair of head block bolts, exhaust system, tie rods, shocks etc but have neglected the interior and some rust bubbles. the car actually looks pretty nice for a car with so many miles on it. My plan is to either a) buy replacement fenders and repaint or b) repair fender/body bubbles as best I can and repaint. I’m leaning towards repairing but would like some advice. Got new OEM restored wheels for Christmas so polished up the hubcaps. I’ll post another one when they are installed.
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