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  1. In this mode the photo have lost natural colors.
  2. Yes that's a really great blog with rare period photos. I mean the Z432 not the Z cars at all. All photos of the Z432 at the 1969 Tokyo that I have seen shows the orange Z432. But this photo with natural colors shows the yellow one. So, two z432 were demonstrated isimultaneously n different places?
  3. How many Z432 displayed at 1969 Tokyo Motor Show. One or...two? Here the photo from 1969 Tokyo. Pure yellow. Found here: https://4travel.jp/travelogue/11638925
  4. This is not early Z. This is Fairlady 240Z released in October 1971.
  5. Hi all. I'm new on this great forum. Which spec is this? Not the "Final Euro Version" I believe.
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