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  1. I filed down the welds at the bottom. Problem solved.
  2. Hello. I bought replacement KYB's 361001 for the rear of my '73 Z. The blown struts are also KYB same number stamped on. Those slide in and out no problem. The new ones refuse to slide in and seize up well before reaching half way. Any help in figuring this out why what should be the same product does not fit would be appreciated.
  3. Chunk was metal. it was flat. Can't really say much more than that. I pulled the chunk out right where the seal sat.
  4. Forgive my ignorance, but what spring? The spring inside the seal? I kept the seal for future reference and just checked it. That spring is gone. The blacked out text is from copy pasting my post from another site. Didn't want to retype the whole thing again.
  5. That 32136 part number has the same dimensions as the National 710324 seal as well as a counterclockwise twist on the lip. I did not take any pictures of the shavings when I drained it. Most of it was very soft. The drain plug magnet didn't have a whole lot on it. There was a nice small hard chunk at the tail housing when I took out the drive shaft. The part number 3771 came from when I was searching around and found a Timken brand seal I think I originally found that number on this website and ended up buying the National brand seal with that part number.
  6. Hello, I am hoping to get some help and answers. Bought a 73' 240z with a 4 speed that had no leaks (as PO claimed) It had no leaks because there was no fluid in tranny. Drained it and hardly any fluid poured out. Had some metal shavings After filling I find out there is a leak at the tail housing. I changed the seal (which was clearly damaged) with a National seal part#710324 This seal had a larger depth than the seal that it had. Had a terrible time trying to place it all the way in. Filled it up, went for a drive. Still leaking. I did some researching found another part #3771 had the same inside/outside diameter and was closer to the depth of the ripped seal. Had an easier time installing this seal. Filled it up, went for a drive. Still leaking. Am I getting the wrong seals? After both replacements I ran the car through all gears with the rear lifted and no leaks. Not sure if this is important. I am guessing the metal shavings are from a bearing. So I am shopping around for a replacement kit. Zcardepot has only one kit with 6 bearings part#800-722 However I searched and found another site, that had rebuild kits for the F4W71B trans except now I see that they have 2 different kits. They have a kit for a F4W70B and F4W71B, with the 70B being sold as a kit for '70-'74 240&260 and the 71B being sold as a kit for '73-'84 260,280, & pickup. Part #'s BK105AWS and BK105WS respectively. These kits only come with 4 bearings as opposed to the Zcardepot kit with 6. So this has me seriously confused. Looking at JDMjunkies there is no mention of a F4W70B. There are plenty of other sites that mention the 70B as the 240z Transmission Since this car came with an L28 engine I am not 100% sure if the tranny was also swapped in. More searching and I see that the difference between 240 and 280 trans is a removable bellhousing. But there is conflicting information stating that the removable bell housing is only for the early 240z's with the 71A transmission. So more confusion. I am hoping someone can give me some true clarification on all this. Thank you.
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