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  1. Light turned green and got off the clutch very light and the car kinda choked but didn't stall. So I ran to 3k rpms and shifted to 2nd. Just driving easy. When I went to 2nd is when I noticed my trans or shifter (gear box?) Started to knock.

    Any ideas?

    Its a 77 280 4speed


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  2. I've said it before, I can get the valves checked and adjusted in 15 to 20 minutes. So I always do them hot.
    Sure, when putting a fresh engine together, they need to be set cold, and the clearances need to be set accordingly.
    I also set them a bit tighter than the manual calls for. For racing it is a way to "cheat" a bit more lift and duration out of the cam profile.
    If you know what you're doing, it's 15-20min to adjust valves?
    Ok i wasn't sure if being a little tighter would be bad

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  3. Let me be the first to be controversial and I know this isn’t the question you asked:

    I fundamentally disagree with doing them hot! Reason? Can you keep the engine temp constant at “hot” over the 30-60 mins it takes to do the job? But cold is not going to fluctuate. My personal experience has been that by the time I finish and go back to cyl 1 to double check, the clearances have changed! ;) So for a rookie like me, I like doing them cold.

    Secondly, this web page I LOVE:


    I do mine a fraction tighter than spec but let me not elaborate with an essay as to why.
    Thanks for the link. I just bookmarked it.
    Your thoughts on adjusting hot makes sense. So would you recommend cold at
    Intake 008inches
    Exhaust 010 inches

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  4. I've got an l28 that's going to the shop. Started skipping and choking. Now won't crank. And the head gasket is leaking oil . Mechanic quoted $1300.


    Option B

    I have a l28et that needs to be rebuilt. Previous owner had an oil line bust for the turbo. ( Probably messed that up) I know he blew the factory turbo. So assuming that's $3k to rebuild. Then I need a mega squirt $1,500 for ignition and tuning. But I get to keep my 4speed and rear end.


    Option c

    Just buy a LS for $900. But then I'll need a trans and rear end.


    So with 330-400hp in mind, idk what I should do that's best bang for your buck.



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  5. There was a recent discussion about this, including photos of the timing chain showing where the tensioner is. When I did the head on my 280ZX, I had no idea where it was and didn't get it secured correctly. It cost hours of extra work, and I never got the timing gear cover to seal when I tried to install it with the head in place.  I ended up paying a Z-car mechanic to do it again and get it right.
    How much was the bill ?

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  6. You can't go wrong in replacing the weak original Nissan injector connection plugs.  But the odds are that that's not the cause of your "skip".  Good luck.
    I agree with you, but when my friend touched the harness that was spliced and taped, it would skip more. So I'm starting with that, and hope I get lucky. I wouldn't be surprised if the injectors are old and need to be replaced as well

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