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  1. Great story is an understatement! Which dealership was it? Would love to see pics of the underside of the car when you get to it. And would love to see the pics from the album with the owner touring the factory, the cars, etc. Very nice indeed.
  2. I am only looking to do the engine bay plate as the door tag is still on the car.
  3. Is the engine bay ID plate numbers the same size or are those larger?
  4. I am only asking about the font and size of the punch set. You can buy the Engine/Vin plate already.
  5. Someone must have given it a try on their own?
  6. Hello all, I am working on my 1971 240Z and cleaning up the engine bay. I am wondering if anyone has experience reproducing anengine ID plate (from the engine bay with engine and VIN number) as mine was lost a long time ago. I am going to buy a reproduction plate from Zeddsaver but I do not know the correct font and size for the stamps. Can someone help? Thank you!
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