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  1. I am rebuilding a P90A head from an L28 turbo and was confused when I came across the hydraulic lifters. I have not seen these before on a cylinder head so I am wondering what people think about them. I've seen videos of people who do conversions to solid lifters using time-serts but am not yet sure if I want to invest in this. Is it worth it? The hydraulic lifters I currently have seem pretty solid with no play in the pivot. It would be great to hear any thoughts or experiences regarding these hydraulic lifters. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I ended up grabbing the cable at the speedo end with a pair of vice grips and pulled it out about an inch an change. It definitely needed some force. After that I realigned the cable with the speedo and felt a much more significant "drop-in" than previous attempts. Turned the car on and it worked like a charm. Thanks again, super helpful.
  3. Thanks, I think I'm being too cautious too. I'm relatively new to this stuff and don't want to unnecessarily damage anything. I'll give your suggestion a shot in the AM. Hopefully the transmission end will slide right back in once I tighten down the speedo sheath.
  4. I have not tried disconnecting the transmission side yet. From all of the input input I've been recieving and as you said above I think that could definitely be my issue. I guess I've been trying to avoid getting under the car 😂. How easy/difficult have you found reattaching the cable at the transmission end? I spotted out the location today but never actually put a wrench to it.
  5. My one concern is that the tip of it might be broken off in the speedo because the cable squares up and drops in fine but it still doesn't move the needle. The first time I really tried to drive it after reattaching the cable all I heard was rattling. I find this very peculiar as the speedo worked perfectly before I removed the dash.
  6. This is what mine looks like. Stripped?
  7. I think that’s the issue. Looks like I’m in the market for a new cable. Thanks everyone, very valuable help.
  8. Is it possible that the speedo and of the cable is stripped? It screws in just fine and still isn’t working. All I saw was after pulling the cable through more was a single tiny blip of the gauge and then nothing. Thanks.
  9. Does your threaded collar screw all the way in or are there still some exposed threads on the back of the speedo?
  10. I'll give that a shot. Will keep you posted. Thanks.
  11. I was afraid that would be the solution. Thanks for your help Mike!
  12. Hello, Over this past summer I got my first '72 240z. One of the first projects I took on was refurbishing the dashboard. After taking it out and putting it back in I was able to get all of the gauges working except for the speedometer (and thus the odometer). I have been trying to screw the cable into the back of the speedometer but every time I try it gets about half way and then won't thread anymore so the cable is not all the way in. I have attached a picture for reference. Could this be an alignment issue with the cable? Has anyone had this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. IMG-1983.pdf
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