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  1. Nice! Thanks for the explanations How do I order and pay? Ben
  2. So the type 1 will work with the 280 turn signal still there? Remove the turn signal, mount the bracket, reinstall the turn signal? If that's how it works, I'd like the type 1, rear brackets to mount a 240 bumper on my 280 and the grill brackets. Thinking I'll get the 240Z Skillard grill down the road. Do these come with stainless steel hardware too? Thanks! Ben
  3. Thank you both for the replies! I would live to go Skillard and 240 signals in a new air dam but not in the cards now. I was hoping someone makes a fiberglass bumper that doesn't need any touching up. EuroDat your brackets get great reviews here. How can I get a set?
  4. Just registered for the site today. I've been gathering a bunch of info from all the informative posts in this and other sites. Thank you all! I acquired this cool 280Z and have been trying to get it into shape to be safe and reliable. Now turning to some cosmetics. I'd like to put a fiberglass 240Z bumper on. I have no brackets or hardware. Any recommendations for a source for a quality bumper and brackets? TIA! Ben