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  1. @Patcon Yeah that may have been a risky deal. I think I'll not do that again. I looked into it more and I think I may go the route of the 280zx alternator conversion. Seems easy enough and will be a catch all with a lot of the electrical unknowns and probably future proof me as I wanted to hook up some more modern interior electrical bits. I'm going with the kit on zcarstore so I don't need to cut or solder any of the original wiring harness so it'll be able to switch back if someone wants it original. Once all the parts arrive and I slap them on I'll report back anything new.
  2. @Zed Head I'll give it a read tonight. I've been neglecting the FSM so much, reminds me of a school textbook 😅 If I make any headway I'll post here.
  3. A quick update. I had the car idling and had a buddy take off the positive lead on the battery for a second and put it back on. Immediately after putting the terminal back on, the idle speed started going way higher (started 500rpm at full choke, went up to 1100-1200) before it went back down shortly after. It could be possible that it's the voltage regulator. @jonbill I think I'll give that a try next, thanks!
  4. Hey all, Running into some issues with what I think is the alternator on my 71 Z. I got my battery tested to find that it's not the culprit. Before starting the battery voltage is around 12.82 V and when the car is idling the voltage is at 12.11 V. The car idles lower than I'd like (500 rpm) and thats at full choke. Battery is drained a fair amount after running it too. I haven't checked the spark plugs yet, but I think I'm gonna check them once the car cools down, but I'm fairly certain it's the alternator. Is there anything else I should check before ruling it out to be it? The belt on it is tight and the voltage does go up a little (12.35 V) when I give it some gas, but I thought the voltage was supposed to jump up over 12V if the alternator was working. And is it possible that a faulty alternator would cause the car to idle lower (not enough spark?) Any help/ideas appreciated! ☺️
  5. Hahaha, the bumper guard brigade.😅 I'll get around to getting those ugly guards soon, still starting with the interior and making my way out. Related, I'm looking for new carpets and jute (old ones were pretty frayed on edges and ragged). Has anyone had any success from the ones at Z Car Depot or recommend somewhere else?
  6. @grannyknot It does have a bit of tan mixed into it. Like an off silver. Definately not factory color, I believe it was originally silver and was resprayed a close enough color.
  7. Alright here she is on a new pair of shoes! It was actually a somewhat nice day out so I took advantage of the opportunity and jacked it up and got the new wheels on. 16 inch graphite Konig Rewinds on 205/55 Goodyears.
  8. @Patcon Haha no they're fine, I love those rims. Its the slippery slope that leads to blowing tons of money on the car.
  9. I was really hoping the rumors of Nissan splitting from the Renault merger after the CEO issues were true before the full production of the new Z. The assurance of an all Japanese Z is all I ask for. And with a lot of manufacturers making options for smaller motors in the car, how would a 4.0L 400z work name wise with a small 4 cylinder? 240zx? 😂
  10. @siteunseen Nah, I got Silver with Black. The car was originally silver as well, but was resprayed a non original silver (a close enough color as far as I can tell, and the job isn't spectacular... kinda wanna get it painted when I get some more throw away money) I just picked up some graphite rewinds on the Z store as my first of many mistakes and will probably snap as many shots as I can of it once I get them on. It came with 280z rims on it when I purchased it. I assume it was a donor 280 that brought this 240 back to life.
  11. Hey again! Thanks for the welcomes. As promised here are two awful pictures of the car. I need to take some good ones once I get the seats and carpets put in it again... and maybe for it to be above freezing outside.
  12. Hey everybody, I'm new to the forums and owning a Z car. I just bought my first one (and hopefully last, but we'll see where that ends up), a 71 series 2 car. At least I think July 71 is a series 2. Anyhoo, I hope to learn a lot from some Z veterans and hope to help anyone with the experiences I have with my car. It's rust free (ha), or as rust free as I'd like it to be. Got it from California and sent to my home state in the rust belt. We got our first snow acouple days ago so my new Z I've driven twice now will have to sleep for most of the season in the garage. In the mean time I'm doing some basic fixups and cosmetic changes. I've taken out all the carpet and padding to clean and replace some bits so far. I think I'll need to replace the padding with new stuff. Thanks for the read and I hope I can help where I can! I'll post pictures as soon as I'm able to. Will