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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the pics. I'll start messing with it soon. Waiting on some other parts. This weekend is going to be working on the Z all weekend.
  2. It's a stock engine. EFI setup
  3. I just got a thottle cable to replace my throttle linkage. It's a 24 inch. Was wondering if yall could drop some pics of the throttle cable replacements yall have done. Need ideas of routing and connections. Please and thank you for the help.
  4. I had that issue. And I pulled the water temp sensor plug off. Jumped it with a paper clip to close the loop and it ran like a dream. $18 later for a new sensor and all good...... at that time. It thought it was cold and was dumping extra gas from the cold start injector.
  5. So far its just been fuel stuff. Car sat for a while. I'm about to clean out the tank for a 2nd time. Clean out all the like. I have already put a new fuel pump on there. And put a inline filter between the tank and pump to catch any rust. And it's working. But it clogs so fast I only get about 2 miles before it drops fuel pressure and starts running bad. About to just replace all the injectors when I clean the tanks again. Also looking at how everyone is converting to cable throttle set up to replace the throttle rods. I have a 24 inch thottle cable kit. But need ideas on when to route and mount everything. When I got the car the radio and ac vents and controls were all missing so I made some aluminum plates to fill the gaps for now.
  6. Hello all. I have been browsing Z site for the last 2 month and this sight has been the most hopeful. I figured it was time to become a member. My Z is at a stage between I love it and I want to set it on fire. Time and money but trying to have it back to road worthy again by spring 2020... fingers crossed. A giant thank you to all of yalls post that has help me in the last few months.
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