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  1. I currently have the stock 240z differential and I was looking to swap it for a z31 differential. Just wanted to ask you guys some questions. 1) would it be easier to rebuild current differential ninstead of swapping? 2) if I should proceed with swap what else would I need to modify or buy to install it, along side a 5 speed u currently have
  2. No I'm not sure on how it's been stored, here is a picture of the engine. You think it should be torn apart and inspected?
  3. Im not to sure who remaned it. I'm the third owner of this engine and the previous two owners never installed it but here is the plaque on the engine and the webers And as of now I have someone to do all the tunning but just looking to install it myself. And I do have some su carbs that are on the current engine but as I was trying to tune them I found more and more parts to replace so I just said why not replace everything.
  4. Cool thanks for your help. The l28 is a reman engine never installed. I have an exhaust manifold for the l28 and I'm not sure from what model it came from. And as to mounts it should be a simple swap, theoretically right?
  5. I need help, im trying to restore a 240z. The engine I currently have is the original one but I was gifted a 5 speed transmission, l28 engine and Weber carbs. I just need help with assembly. I've been doing some research and I have a basic idea but here are some questions I have. Are the crankshaft and other pulleys interchangeable with current engine and new l28? Does fuel line material matter? Is there anything else I need to replace in order to complete the swap?
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