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  1. Robert9790


    Love this color, gorgeous lookin Z!
  2. lol! B.A.T car has held pretty steady, i think if i get it for under 10k i can have a good foundation to start on. Might use some spare cash to get a professional paint job. Car in reference: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-datsun-260z-32/
  3. Found another good looking Z on B.A.T: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-datsun-260z-32/ Anything odd pop out at you guys?
  4. Thank you very much, going to keep on hunting then. Again, appreciate all your help, awesome Z community.
  5. As much as i would love to see every Z that i have interest in, it seems unrealistic in my personal scenario as most of the cars appear to be out of the area. I've taken interest in: https://www.carsforsale.com/vehicle/details/56605129 and would love your opinions.
  6. Dang, that car sold already. Didnt even get a chance to get more info lol!
  7. Just sent them a message, asked for a few more pictures and to see if it has any notable rust spots. Thanks!
  8. Dang, ok i'm working on a small list of areas that gather rust. That's literally my worst nightmare lol! I dont want to impulse buy something that looks great from the outside but then is a deathtrap on the inside. Interesting, a few posts that i had read talked about the conversion being expensive. Maybe gettnig an automatic would entice me to get a different nissan engine down the road. Thanks for the idea! That would be great, I'll make sure you let you know if i find some in that area. Much appreciated!
  9. Hey guys, Appreciate all the great info. I'm definitely going to be looking for an pre-76 240z. I've found a few cars, but I havent pulled the trigger because of either rust issues or them being a bit out of my spending limit. Im trying to stay around ~10k and i do want a manual. As soon as i'm on my desktop I'll show you the lot of cars i've been keeping an eye on. The input is definitely appreciated. I am alright with doing work on the car, but also dont want a rusty death trap haha.
  10. Appreciate that, yes I am hoping to work on it myself. I don't have experience working on car bodies, but I have done engine work before. I'm hoping whatever car I find is drivable, I only commute once a week for about 100 miles. I think to get the genuine 240 experience I'm going to try and stay with carburators.
  11. Ah! Good catch, I'm so excited to get my first vintage Z that I'm forgetting the car buying basics.
  12. Hey guys, New to the forum and searching to find my first Z project car. Trying to keep budget to around ~10k if possible, with a bit of wiggle room. Ran across: https://www.vintagecarcollector.com/vehicles/996/1975-datsun-280z but im not sure if its a good deal or not. Would love some insight as to what you guys look for in a Z before purchase. Many thanks!
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