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  1. I'm about to do a partial rebuild of my E88 260z and I was wondering what is your stance on replacing valve springs if the engine is internally stock well maintained. I already plan on doing a full disassembly and inspection to the head components, but should I plan on replacing the valve springs as a matter of preventative maintenance or not? Thanks

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    I need a camshaft oil spraying bar from either an early model 260z or any 240z


  3. View Advert 240z/260z Camshaft Oil Sprayer Bar I need a camshaft oil spraying bar from either an early model 260z or any 240z Advertiser tigertacos Date 08/01/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 0 Model 240z  
  4. Mine is actually an early 260z with the large phillips head screws
  5. Recently on my '74 near bone stock 260z I discovered a slight pinging noise from near cylinder 5 or 6. Opened the valve cover and found that the oil sprayer had recently been through some trauma and one of the major lines was bent and all 4 section's joints had failed, so I'm sure it wasn't even spraying oil properly anymore and the obvious worry is still there that a joint will give out entirely and I'll find out quickly how well a cylinder head can stand up to flying metal. Anyway, my question is, does anyone know of fabricating their own sprayer because all the ones online are 150+ dollars which is a bit much. Or should I start looking at internally drilled aftermarket cams and all the valve train upgrades needed for those (something I was considering in the future anyway)? Thanks