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  1. I'm posting to say that my dealings with Robert and the 240Z Guild have shown me that they have a love for the marque, extensive knowledge of these cars, and integrity. If there's an unfair pile on, it's right here on this thread and not on BaT. Like or dislike the custom cars, the fact is they are re-imagining and re-purposing cars that are too far gone for anything else, and making them into something creative and unique. The cars may or may not be your cup of tea, but methinks the effort is worthwhile - and kind of fun! My car is at the 240Z Guild shop right now, and if they remain true to form, I hope to be a really happy guy this summer 🤗 .
  2. Motorman7 thanks for the explainer on dashes .... between the Blue car BaT thread, another recent BaT thread where the issue was discussed at length, and now your pics and explanation here, as a Z new owner and novice, I feel like I've gotten my Zdash education 😃 Now, about 2,500 other topics to master and I can hang with you guys! I've got my car at Robert's shop right now (blue car seller), he is nearby from where I bought it, and am awaiting a proposal from the Z Guild for some refreshing/restoration before the car makes its way back east. Have spoken with Robert a bunch of times and seen his work (not on the blue car, that apparently was done before he got it), from what I have investigated I am in good hands with Robert and his shop.
  3. Thank you for the welcomes! I have been poking around here - the knowledge base is impressive and seems like a great group of enthusiasts 😀
  4. Hey, just joined. Bought this 71 #33909 off BaT a few days ago form an owner of 30 years. The car is straight, all original sheet metal and rust free so I have a nice base. The car is now with Robert at the 240Z Guild down in Madill, OK for an evaluation and some refreshing. Have had lots and lots of cars but my first Z so this will be a learning experience. Also, I'm decent at the conceptual stuff but an unskilled fairly miserable wrencher so I got that going for me 😎
  5. Just joined today and wanted to say thanks for this thread. The work thus far looks outstanding, and I'm really appreciative you are taking the time to let us follow along.