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  1. Okay, so the car is actually my son's and he told me to leave the pump alone he doesn't mind the buzz so dad backed off on that. The vent line I just cut out the bad spot and spliced it back together for now. Might go after it all at once down the road but not until I have parts all ready to go. Down time sucks. Car must be run every day or life just isn't the same. BTW it's carb'd
  2. yep, that's me, tank is there, I just drained in prep for gas supply line refresh (it was a tad weepy too), debating dropping the whole thing to redo the vent hose, don't really want to open a can of worms though, I will crawl in the car to see if the charcoal canister is still there, could just splice in a new section of vent hose and route it higher up so it never sees actual fuel and call it day Also debating ditching the Carter pump for an Airtex that's tons quieter but only rated to 30gph, no idea if that's enough to supply the ZZ4 under a heavy foot, that's a question for the other board....
  3. After last top off gas leak from hose #7 here: https://zcarsource.com/gas-diag. Currently this hose make a big loop down before heading back up, I'm questioning that is correct. I'm replacing the hose tonight and am wondering if it were installed wrong in the past, diagram looks like a fairly level shot. In our case filling up to the point the filler neck has gas in it must also fill this vent line, it started seeping out. I'm thinking of redoing with a more level hose. Wondering what is "correct". BTW, anyone know the ID of this hose?
  4. Title says it all, I can't bring myself to pay $8 at zcarsource to ship a little clip. Anyone have a spare for sale? '72 240z heater control cable clamp, looks like this:
  5. Yes, thanks, those are the ones that prompted my asking, pulling trigger now
  6. Dead of winter in Michigan, an old man's fancy turns towards tinkering with old Datsuns. I'm working on a '72 and need heater control knobs. I'm find the early ones stupid pricey. Will the later ones not fit or are they just wrong? I don't care about "wrong" just that they fit. I even went so far as to model them for 3-D printing, turned out "okay" but by the time I get them functional I could have bought them. Before I spend hours trying to get my printed ones working, will newer style fit? Or any other style?. Also we need a heater control cable clamp. One of these: https://smhttp-ssl-72803.nexcesscdn.net/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/770x/602f0fa2c1f0d1ba5e241f914e856ff9/2/2/22300825.jpg
  7. Awesome, many thanks. I think I've got it now. I reached up under the dash, well, in honesty I laid on the floor (this is getting harder to do as my body complains and my eyesight can't focus where it needs to anymore, getting old sucks.) So when I manually moved the "mode door", second of the red lines above, the one that goes to the heater box, upper left side, finally air moved to the defrost/floor vents and my kid took off, reported a bit later "we have heat". Score. A long way from controlling it reliably from the controls but at least it's there. Thanks all. I look forward to picking your brains further down the road. I really love this car. I should get me my own maybe. BTW there's errors all over the manuals isn't there? For instance, in post above, top diagram it says cable 44 is the "hot water control cable", and 41 is the temperature control cable (that's true but BOTH can't be)
  8. so top slider to "Heat" and you get outside air for heating? Seems like that wouldn't work so well, pulling in super cold air into the heater box?
  9. thanks, this is helping According to the '73 supplement from above (thanks for that BTW!), page 6 "Mode Door" section. This is the one that sends air either to "center vent/outboard vents" or "floor/defrost". This is the one that is probably inoperative, I'll crawl up there and manually move it over and see what happens. A full R&R of the system is looming, possibly including resurrecting the A/C. I made this to help my little brain. 240zheatercontrols.pdf
  10. Yep, i've got that FSM, can't find where it talks about this stuff though, I'm probably missing it.
  11. The heater control valve cable I got a handle on, well it's pivot clamp is jammed so it doesn't work well from the controls but can be moved manually, so the valve is open, in theory, letting hot juice inside the heater core (in theory). The one that disappears behind the A/C unit might be the problem then, if it's not closing then air is going to the condensor box and then the center and side vents, if closed it should re-route the air into the heater box and then to floor/defrost depending on setting, yes? sounds like I have to get back there and free it up, or at least force it closed for the fall. These cars are fun to work on, I mean that sincerly, I love mess'n with my son's car. The pay sucks though. Wait, this might help; http://datsunforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Datsun-240Z-Sport-1971-FSM-Supplement-16.jpg if that's what we have in there..... if so, then I'm wrong the air deflection occurs in the "heater" box, near area labeled "6", closing off section 7 (center vent) and 24, 26 (side vents), maybe? I don't think that's the unit we have though.....
  12. okay, added the one other picture I currently have, will take more, the controls look stock '72 to me, the cable that runs to the AC and disappears behind, that one I don't know it's purpose, could be the culprit
  13. Yep, that's my question. The A/C is aftermarket (they all in '72, or dealer installed, same difference I guess). How would it typically work for the system to know which fan to run; heater box or A/C, or in the case of A/C does that install render the heater box fan inop? The fact it's got a V8 is irrelevant I would think. I just don't know how it is supposed to work "typically", I can trouble shoot from there once I know what it's supposed to be like ,then figure out the string of previous owner's and their hacks, then "fix" it my way. Here's the heater valve, FWIW
  14. So when they added A/C, what does the oem fan (in the OEM heater box) do? Is it still in play?
  15. My kid made me drag home a '72 240z. It's pretty cool. Now it's cold outside. We'll put it away soon Mom, we promise. But in the mean time, how about some heat? So I'm trying to figure out how it's supposed to work. Car has A/C. As of right now turning on the fan blows air out the side and middle vents. What is supposed to redirect the air to the heater box and associated ducting? While we're at it what turns the AC compressor on/off? I assume the one fan motor, in the A/C stuff (passenger foot well) blows for both cold and hot, and something in the controls somewhere is supposed to direct that air in the right direction. There's a control cable that heads over and behind the A/C stuff, is that the guy not functioning? Not sure which aftermarket version it is. Not interested in trying to get the A/C functional again (next summer probably!). Just curious how these would have been set up typically, dealer added and all, I assume. Maybe some PO hijacked the fan control for the A/C unit leaving the OEM fan inop? Totally guessing. BTW, this little gem (sarcasm) is powered by a Chevy 350zz4. Just saying, she's a long way from how it left the factory. Not judging mind you. If I could wave a magic wand and put it all back to OEM I would, but well, in the mean time, holy cow can this machine tear it up.