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  1. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

    Sorry for my ignorance ...but is this the flow guide valve?
  2. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

    I cant seem to find where the end piece goes....in the manual it just shows the end
  3. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

    Normally, where does that liner goto? it starts from the vapor tank on the top left side?IMG_7636.HEIC
  4. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

    oh boy....now you have me worried.....I saw one open line that connects to a pipe that goes towards the engine,. I t was just a line that was attached but cut short. The other line from the vapor tank was no where near that line so i bought a 2 ft line and connected... hoping that was the missing line....that was the only other line that was not connected to anything? IMG_7636.HEIC
  5. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

    The plastic tank on the rear passenger side. It’s from the top left plug
  6. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

    been looking for the other side but cant find anything that would attach based on the length of the line....it smells like gas and I traced it back to the reservoir. It from the the top left of the reservoir if you were looking at it from inside the car. Let me check again but there was nothing else .
  7. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

    Ok....i went under the car and apparently it was the bolts connecting the rear diff to the bar. They were barely hanging on for dear life! well thank goodness that was all it was. I ended up tightening everything else up. while i was down there i noticed this unattached line that connects to the top of the reservoir...any clues as to where this should connect to or is it supposed to be free falling? IMG_7630.HEIC
  8. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

    thanks all for the responses!! bought this car because it had the s50 engine but now im debating if I want to go in that direction and put more money into this or just start over and stick to original.. ill try to take a look this weekend at the rear...hopefully its not serious. I was thinking of r200, but as it stands now....the revs are high.as it is....4000RPM at 80MPH
  9. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

  10. captainkim@yahoo.com

    the rear end clunk

    I know this has been discussed many times but I have the dreaded clunk in the rear when shifting gears. I checked the motor mount and tranny mount and both look fine. I video'd it and was hoping you could help me isolate the cause.....bearings, subframe mounts or driveshaft, etc?
  11. captainkim@yahoo.com

    Welder and cutter

    you guys are right....i took it to a restore shop and am hoping they can do it all within my budget...... thanks!
  12. captainkim@yahoo.com

    Welder and cutter

    Looking for an experienced welder that can remove and replace/weld rockers and floor pans at a reasonable cost. All the shops are either too busy or want my first born. Willing to drive anywhere in the northeast if needed. Will order the rockers and floor pans. any assistance is greatly appreciated

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