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  1. First off, thanks for everyone's input, it all helps. Now to catch up to where I'm at now.... I did order the XTR flywheel from ebay (claimed to be 15lbs.), very nice quality piece. I also ordered an Exedy clutch kit (again from ebay) for the 75-83z 2+2 non turbo, 240mm contact surface. I received both and, the clutch/pressure plate fit perfectly on the RB26 flywheel. But while I was fondling the beautiful flywheel.....feels a little light to me. And it is, weighing in at 9.5-9-6lbs. That's even lighter than the 11lb. Fadenza I wasn't comfortable going with in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I know some of you have been running 10-11lbs. for years and seem to love them. I just felt better at 15lbs, so that's the way I went (or tried to go). Have been in contact with Godzilla Raceworks and he informed me that the spacers for the RB26 flywheels are coming in a little sooner then he expected, like only a week or so out. And he sells the spacer with a 13lb RB26 Chrome-Molybdenum Steel flywheel for $200 (don't quote me on price, just check out the website). So, I'm trying to return the XTR that I got (i know i'm probably being a jackass and overthinking this) and go with the spacer/flywheel kit from Godzilla. How ever you look at it, I really don't think you can put a lightweight flywheel in an S30 for less than $200. (ok, the xtr i got from ebay was like $165, but you still need the spacer from Godzilla (40)to make it work so i figure might as well just place one order).
  2. I contacted Godzilla Raceworks about an ETA on availability of the spacers, he said hopefully in about 6 weeks. Found an XTR flywheel on ebay (Manufacture part# X51108SFX-HTX), the description claims it's 15lbs. I think this is probably the direction I'm going to move towards. I wish I had the exact dimensions and material used for the spacer/adapter, I could probably have one made locally. I haven't decided on a clutch just yet, but he claims that any clutch from a Z, 70 to current, will bolt on the RB26 flywheel. So the possibilities are pretty much endless there. I'll let you know if I dig anything else up.
  3. Nice gwri8! ......hmm....nice gwrli8..... Anyway, that's cool, that gasket looks just like the Mahle. I'm pretty sure Nissan can't be wrong on this, so thanks for including the part number. I think this solves my problem, this is what I was looking for. I will either go with Mahle or Datsun! Either way I think it will work, thanks guys for your help.
  4. I'm being stupid! I need the notches for the fuel injectors, that's why the earlier gasket won't work! I'm back to looking at the Mahle.
  5. Chickenman, are you referring to the MAHLE MS16717? That's what I'm coming up with. Still the hex ports but whatever, it does look like a quality gasket. siteunseen, I was looking at zcardepot, and what I saw for my car just seemed like the same thing I've been seeing everywhere else. Except for the 70-74 gasket (Part # : 800-057). That looks like it would work perfect but why wouldn't it work on a 75? Is the only difference the emission ports? (again, i've ditched the egr so) If I'm looking at the right thing, I'm not opposed to going with the Mahle.
  6. I have a 75' 280Z with N42 head and will be going back together with a header. Also have deleted the EGR. What is the best intake/exhaust manifold gasket I should be running? (i mean "best for a street car") All the gaskets I see at the local parts stores look like garbage. I'm a fan of felpro gaskets, but even that one looks so so. I think what I took off the engine was a felpro, and I guess it was working but, the header has rectangle ports and the head has rectangle ports...not hexagon. Should I just run whatever or is there a better way to go?
  7. I hope you're right madkaw, on the gear change. I just figured while I was in there, might as well squeeze out as much as possible ya know. Fantastic tip on checking out Godzilla Raceworks. (thanks a lot, i'm trying to stay focused hear and you send me to that candy store!) Anyway, they have a 13lb flywheel off RB26 with the adapter spacer (out of stock for now). I didn't find the 16lbs flywheel yet but I'm sure it's out there. Either way, this range 13-16 is feeling a little more in my comfort zone. Look's like there is a link on Godzilla's website to the article on HybridZ for more information about using that spacer. I'll have to give that a read.
  8. New here, so if I'm in the wrong place, don't be shy you can tell me where to go. I've seen this talked about in bits and pieces all over the place, but still haven't really got the answer I'm looking for. I have a 75' 280z (on jack stands for the last few years). It's a 4 speed car. I have the 5 speed and the 3.90R200 to put into it, and when I do (soon. i'm trying to rekindle this project), I would like to install a lightweight flywheel and of course new clutch. I don't want to go too light. If I recall, the stock weight is 22-23lbs. What I see all over ebay is the Fidanza packaged up with the Exedy clutch. Seems like a good package but that flywheel only weighs 10.7lbs. This is not going to be a race car, it's a fun street car. At half the weight I'm worried it wont be practical for commuting. Am I over thinking this or should I just go for it? Is there something in-between I should be looking at? I don't really have a machinist (that I trust) local to lighten my stock flywheel. Anyway, I just wanted to know if there are any other (reasonably priced) options out there or if the Fidanza is the just the way to go.
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