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  1. After talking to my metal guy and looking at the condition of my front and rear bumpers I've decided I may just be better off purchasing a set of aftermarket bumpers to replace mine. Does anyone have recommendations/reviews of the available offerings? Right now I'm looking at either MSA or a stainless set from Taiwan.
  2. Finally got back to it and got some photos, the bumper snapped at me while tightening it and notched my paint a bit. Anyways, ignoring the fingerprints does this shape look right? My car seems to have a bit of a Chrome smile on the back but I was under the impression that the rear bumper was supposed to be mostly level. I’ve got about 1/4” worth of Chevrolet body spacers in it to get it to this point...
  3. I'm up by Burnside. It's a '72 but there's more than a few 69-70 parts on it so the bumper could be either. Looks like it's a rear curvature issue more than anything but the only bumper work I've done was taking it off the car. I've got a few body shims I can play with to space out the centre bolts but it doesn't seem like a normal thing to do as far as I've seen online. Was hoping I'd just bolted the thing on wrong but the bumper may be out of shape. I already tried calling blue but couldn't get him on the line.
  4. Trying to get my bumper back on and aligned after a rechroming and the contrary to the FSM the thing is a PITA to install. Seems no matter what way I tighten it down or twist brackets the bumper wont go on without hitting the rear valence in some way or chipping paint with it 😧. Is there some magic trick to getting the bumper installed to prevent this? Should there be spacers for the rear brackets to help bring the bumper away from the valence? should the bumper be lined up straight with the bottom of the taillight trim? Should it go into the dip on the rear valence? Any help/pictures of a proper install would be appreciated.
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