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  1. leak was on the drivers side headlight and has stopped leaking -
  2. Thanks , sounds logical - I did have to replace my old pump did it with a used one so that could be my problem, although in the service manual it reflects a "T" valve which connects the pump hose and then the left and right headlight washer hoses, could this valve be my problem or is this just an open "T" valve???
  3. Only one nozzle/jet leaks/omits fluid . if it was the pump I would guess both nozzles/jets would leak??
  4. on my 280zx 10th Anniversary model one of the headlight jets leaks , causing the washer fluid to leak out on the headlamp - What do I need to do to stop it from leaking , do I have to replace the jet/nozzle? I guess I could empty the fluid container but I want to use the washer. Thanks
  5. Will be at the 16 Sept show at ACME Nissan . if anyone attending has a copy I would appreciate meeting them at the show.
  6. Looking for the cassette tape that came with the purchase of the 1980 10th Anniversary 280zx -will take a copy in CD form or any other form . If you have please let me know what price you want and send info via this forum. Thanks
  7. Need some help from my fellow ZX friends - Still looking for the cassette tape that came with the 1980 280zx 10th Anniversary model - I have the cassette holder but not the Tape itself would appreciate any help getting a copy of this tape. I see a number of 10th Anniversaries on U-Tube that are low miles etc so these fellas must still have the tape but its impossible to contact them as there are no addresses etc. Thanks in advance for your Help.
  8. Ken- Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary 280zx - wish I could help but as you may have noted above I was also looking for a manual to complete my stock 10th Anniversary. I was lucky and a member had one. I'm also looking for the tape, I have the tape holder with all the info/songs but the tape itself was lost - if I find one Ill copy for you please do the same. By the way what number is yours??mine is# 988 black/gold. Best of luck with you new Z Horst
  9. You may have a point possibly the pump needs to be primed, I know that water flows from the container to the pump guess Ill have to disconnect the hoses and see if the pump sprays. - The windshield washer has its own pump and it works i.e sprays water. Thanks will give it a try.
  10. Just replaced my broken headlight washer pump in my 10th Anniversary 280zx, the new pump is working but no spray is coming out- Have fluid in the container and hoses connected and not leaking - any suggestions??? Thanks
  11. Finally got the pump changed - although the pump works theres no spray coming out - Yes, the water container is filled - Could it be that the sprayers are plugged up or????any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Any Help would be helpful -
  13. If I needed to replace it what would be the easiest or best way to get to it , through the glove compartment or???
  14. Thanks - Guess as long as it stays quiet I'm good to go.
  15. Thought I had squeak in my Cassette player in my 1980 10th Anniversary 280zx after taking the cassette player out I noticed that the squeak was coming from a small fan located under the dash in between the cassette deck and the glove compartment - Applied some WD40 and the squeak stopped(for Now)- My question is what is this fan for, is it to cool the inside of the dash??? Thanks in advance
  16. Thanks to all -one member has one on its way to me - Great site with lots of great Z guys.
  17. One member has got one on the way to me - thanks to all for your help- Great site.
  18. Here it is a picture of the pump needed,
  19. Need a headlight washer pump for my 1980 280zx , any info/source would be helpful Thanks
  20. Once more need a little help - Need a motor for the headlight sprayer/cleaner on my 1980 280zx, Anyone know where I could possibly find one. Thanks in advance for your help
  21. Still looking for that Cassette tape - Anyone???? Horst