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  1. Having a lot of fun watching this resto. Moving along nicely. Motor looks amazing.
  2. Wow, thanks for the detailed answer!
  3. Are you rebuilding the motor?
  4. Great progress. Looks like a solid car.
  5. Looking forward to this project. I am a friend of the owner and strangely enough, although I have always loved Z cars, and owned a '70 240 and a '78 280, I did not know she had this car! Came up over dinner a few months ago and when I received the link to this blog it was no surprise I was already a member of the site!
  6. Here is my old '78. I bought it used in '80 with about 3,000 miles on it.
  7. Thanks for all of this input. I will get a chance to spend time with it in the spring. I have a verbal commitment from the seller to keep it off of the market until I get a look. Also not to try to start it. I believe the mileage to be accurate due to the condition of the car. Very, very, clean. Gaps good. Battery was out and no rust there. One owner car. Never a daily driver. The seller has no reason to exaggerate the condition or try to leverage for top dollar. I want to pay what is fair. I will post pictures as soon I can get them in the spring. I like this one because it is identical to the one I had in '78, and the work it seems to need is mostly within my abilities. Remove and replace, not body an paint! This be a keeper, not a flip.
  8. Thanks for the input! I have some basic mechanical skills. I have rebuilt a 302 Chevrolet motor, brake jobs, clutch changes, etc... I am interested in this particular car to keep and drive. It is a carbon copy of the '78 I bought in 1980! I believe the mileage to be true due to the condition of the interior and I did look at the pedal wear! This was a weekend car, never a daily driver. Good tips on the first start. I asked the owner not to try to start it. This transaction will be a bit drawn out as the owner is out of state for the winter and does not want to be bothered with the sale until returning in the spring. I'm thinking it will need consumables, some seals, tires, brakes, cleaning, etc... There is no obvious rust. It is a bit far away from my house and a neighbor showed it to me so I had very little time to go over it. I have a verbal commitment to the right of first refusal - we'll see how that goes... I was thinking $7,000 to $10,000.
  9. Hi, thanks for the add. I have come across a one owner, '78, ~40k miles, no rust, original paint, 5-speed, 280. No dents or dings. The paint looks like it will come back with some attention. Interior is original and mint. No fading or cracks. Stored inside its whole life. Not run or moved in the last 15 years. Sorry, I don't have any pics. It seems to be for sale, but not actively listed. Any ballpark's on what it might be worth. I can see Z's have been escalating recently, but the higher prices seem to be focused on the 240's vs. the 280's. If I can get it, I will need lots of advise on how to bring it back to life. Thanks!