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  1. Thanks for the link. Do you know where I can get the metal trim inserts?
  2. Hi All, I took off the original rear louvers the other day and realized my rear glass trim is completely dried out and missing the metallic trim that goes in the seals. I did some looking around and can't seem to find the metallic trim for the 280z 2+2 rear hatch glass. I found some new old stock seals on ebay for the 2+2 but the trim is missing. I saw on that they have "Cal Style" seals that don't have the channels for the trim but they only work for the coupe. If I can get something similar for the 2+2 that would work even better. Any one know where I can get either the metalic trim with seal or just the seal with the channels for a 2+2?
  3. i just fixed my heating issues and traced the vacuum lines. The left solenoid in the picture has a hose connected at bottom left of this picture the where the strut tower is. If you unbolt the bracket you can see it. I don't see your vacuum lines connected to it from the angle of the picture. You should check there.
  4. I looked at the keys and it looks like the ones that work in the ignition has a stamped number on it. the ones for the door don't. is it difficult to remove the locks from the door?
  5. I just bought a 1976 280z 2+2 and received 2 kinds of keys from the seller. The first set is a key that has many "teeth" that works only on the ignition. The second set's "teeth" is smooth and less jagged and only works on door locks. I would prefer only 1 key for everything. Is this common?
  6. Hi everyone, I picked up a 1976 280z 2+2 this weekend. Drove 3 hours straight to get it home so I enjoyed my ride home. Hopefully I'll find answers to most of my questions here and will help others out as well.