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  1. For stock 240z to 260z, here are approximate fueling need sizes: Idle Jets are typically 45 to 55 (fuel hole in bottom is 0.45 to 0.55mm) Main Jets are typically 115 to 125 (fuel hole in bottom is 1.15 to 1.25mm)
  2. Check fuel levels. - Remove one main jet assembly in each carb. - Measure distance from top of fuel to the bridge where the main jet screws in. At 23mm, the fuel will pour into the carb throat.... not good. At 25mm down, the fuel will slosh into carb throat on bumps and such 29mm down is recommended. 31 to 27mm is a range for tuning.
  3. Why would someone replace lines and not re-use the original fasteners? Worm drive clamps drive me crazy.
  4. I would use a rubber sheet material rather than foam to be safe.
  5. The very bright yellow paint on the rear suspension/differential mount hardware stops discontinuously at the adjacent black structural members so they were re-painted. The bolts and washers also have misaligned paint so work was done. The oil pressure sensor was also changed. The hub caps look like the Chinese fakes.
  6. Remember the vans with carpet on the dashes
  7. We had one of these and a Sheep Dog in the early 70's. "Barney" would start in the front seat and chase occasional objects to the back when passing. It had a rear window that opened and 3rd row seats in the very back that faced the back. We used to tie fishing line to GI Joes and drag them along the highway.
  8. LOL....I do have opinions based on "Follow the money" data that point the the USA market for some business, safety, and technical decisions but without being in the shoes of the folks in Japan in the 60's, they are just opinions. They also varies with the components i.e. chassis, engine, suspension, etc.
  9. The water rinsing removes/dilutes the acid. Using baking soda is a belts and braces if you just use muriatic. If I were to do it now, I would do: 1. Chain/ vibration to remove surface rust 2. Muriatic Soak 3. Rinse with water 3. Phosphoric 4. Rinse 5. Hot air dry 6. Sealer
  10. Thanks for clarifying ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Weird Alan? What exactly are you saying? I never denied anything? The path from Merc to Nissan is a muddy trail but it IS a trail.
  12. You can't have New Order,,,,, but you can have this:
  13. I cheated with the die.... pretty easy job. I had to use the tail stock to align the thread cutter.... starting into SS is tough. I was able to set the depth of cut and speed so that the SS peeled off in one long twisted chip.... fun to be had! This is the first step towards making something exciting for triple carb owners ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. Somewhere in Europe: April 8 1974
  15. One end is threaded longer for a longer ball end. This rod comes with 2 ball ends... one hangs longer ๐Ÿ™‚
  16. @Captain Obvious should be a proud dad. I used my lathe to make a Z part. It is a longer and thicker push rod to connect my buddy's linkage along the firewall for his SK Racing/TWM carb set up. It is stainless steel and 8" long from 3/16" stock. For reference the end-socket threads are M4 0.7mm
  17. Perhaps this stat will open the eyes of doubters: ~400,000 US Soldiers died in ~3.6 years of participation in World War II ~200,000 US Citizens died in ~7 months to date from Coronavirus
  18. Sean, I used to respect you but you just lost it. I'd never buy your wheels nor your exhausts....nor recommend them,... based on your attitude. You have to become a business person and be able to accept helpful guidance and objectively discuss it. I also hope the wheels you sell do not kill anyone otherwise this thread my come back to visit you in court.
  19. India has democracy at least and British law.... people have some protection. Not like the others.
  20. The sad reality is that western businesses dove head first into China since the 90's and were allowed to close down shop in the west now the problem is coming to a head.... their IP is now in the hands of the corrupt Chinese Govt (Gangsters) and so are their manufacturing factories. The only quick way out is for "regime change" in China.... they need a revolution to free the slaves/people from the evil Communist Party. When we buy Mainland Chinese products we support this evil modern-slavery situation.
  21. Businesses in Mainland China do not operate like western companies. Qualifications, contracts, and certifications mean nothing. They are usually faked. In fact lying is OK. Most in the west make the mistake that doing business in Mainland China is like doing business in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, etc. It is very different. It is very common for factories to produce extra to sell under the table... if a product is very desired, they will often even build another factory to compete.... there is no IP protection in China and no legal system to fight with. Here is some of the $^!# going on. Multiply it by a million to get a sense of what is going on world wide. China Govt extorts foreigners with Chinese ancestors or with relatives in China to spy, steal etc. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-02-04/huawei-sting-offers-rare-glimpse-of-u-s-targeting-chinese-giant https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-chinese-officials-hijacked-my-company-11596233617
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