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  1. I can send it down if you want to play. I'll need it again in May to help my friend tune so lots of time.
  2. I have an old Innovate LM-1 that works fine. Remember Toronto ๐Ÿ™‚ I simply stick it up the exhaust pipe when needed. It logs but has an old rs232 i/o. It also has an aux input for logging another input (such as rpm). You will have more precision if you measure at the manifold or collector however measuring at the exhaust output gives the same steady state values (cruise, acceleration, idle) but the instantaneous changes are smoothed. (See lovely graph below) ๐Ÿ™‚ Ideally an exhaust gas temp sensor and O2 sensor on each runner would be the best but for street, using IR thermometer on plug or exhaust runner and measuring RPM drop when pulling one p[lg at a time are adequate checks for cylinder-to cylinder performance variance.
  3. Took a day to get the "chicken coop" Z going. then drove it 600km straight to get home. A couple of stops to flush the rad. It performed better the longer it ran. It sat in a Chicken Coop since 1986 and we got it going in 2007.
  4. China makes $^!# products with no regulations or laws or consideration for its workers.... if you can't easily see it you are blind. Wait until they start copying your exhaust with $^!# metal and under selling you.......
  5. We've had mandatory masks in NS since July (like Taiwan)... it works:
  6. Farmers know about putting all eggs in one basket... when the western countries sold out to globalization in the 90s-2000's, these situations were set up. The risks were known but ignored by greed. You would think countries would learn. Saudi brought USA to knees in early 70's. They could also have turned off the pipes at nearly anytime since and have done the same. One must prepare for these contingencies. Take the Wuhan Virus. The only country set up to deal with it was Taiwan. They learned from SARS and put measures in place in advance.... good planning.
  7. Party leaders with platforms.
  8. They both are terrible leaders but you can't let China infiltrate. If good policies were in place years ago, we would not be in this situation. Countries are now starting to stand up to China but it is painful due to the initial screw ups from Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Read this to get a small glimpse of what is going on under your noses.... https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=huawei+spy+glass+bloomberg
  9. My friends 280z that is low miles and minty mint! Another Museum Piece! 1978... last year of the real Z's
  10. I am joking and actually hoping for Trump as he is the "less worse" and has better foreign policy with China.
  11. USA is actually doing better than many when normalized:
  12. Blame it on Trump. Biden to the rescue.... a good election will fix things. lol
  13. It is exploding all over the planet. Leaders have nothing to do with it,.... it is the people and their actions to blame. i.e. if you think Biden is suddenly going to save the day you are fooling yourselves.... only you can protect yourself.
  14. Next time it dies, check immediately for spark to rule out ignition. Method 1. Coast with foot off clutch and see if rpms are up or at zero Method 2 Just open hood, pull hv wire from the centre of the distributor cap and place its end close to a threaded bolt at the top of the strut tower. Crank the engine and watch for a spark to jump. (You may need a small screw driver to push up into the end of the HV wire and place ~ 1/4" away from the bolt for the spark to jump) You can also easily put a filter near the tank http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/fuel/g3filter/index.htm
  15. @Bad Dog has a lot of experience bagging cars.
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