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  1. http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/5297854922.html
  2. Thanks for all the great info fellas ! The carbs that came with car were in a box completely disassembled so I don't know if this throttle shaft went with those carbs. That shaft doesn't fit into the body I have. I will be talking with ZT though. Mark M- you're in PDX too ? Maybe someday, if you have time, we can meet up and you can go over my car with me ??
  3. It's the flapper for the inside of the carb. What's the real name for it ? I need to find one for my SU carb rebuild because this one is no good. Thx !
  4. Thx siteunseen ! I just spoke to Bruce and ordered my copy of the Just SU's. Great advice. Hey m in Seattle - I will be seeing you and joining one of these clubs. Which one do you belong to? IS there a PDX chapter ? jfa- we let my son's hair grow a bit, it's ok people confuse him all the time ! Wow- original owner of 15320. That's awesome. I think I bought mine from the original owner. (sort of) The title is dated from 1972 !
  5. Just bought my second Datsun ! First was a '79 510 i inherited from my dad and I drove throughout high school. Now, twenty some years later, I have bought a 1971 240! I found it on CL in Washington. 907 color. Series 1. Built in 11/70. # 14143. Super stoked ! Only 1 spot of rust throughout the whole car on the rear drivers side QP. Does not run yet. PO put a Clifford intake with a 4 barrel carb on it. I'm going back to stock Hitachi's. They are in a box completely disassembled. Don't quite know what i'm doing, but I have rebuilt 70's motorcycle carbs before. They also removed all the emmissions control stuff. I heard that you don't have to put all that stuff back on ??? Anyway glad to be here !
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