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  1. Thanks guys. I'm adding Collinite 850 to my cart .
  2. I'm going to take this post in a bit different direction since the issue is resolved now. Now that I have it off, what are my options on refreshing the throttle linkage (this applies to all linkage components from the fire wall to the TB)? If I paint it outside of the stand offs, than I will have hard time putting it back in and the paint will most likely get all scratched. I potentially could paint it after installation to make sure that the two spots where the linkage sits in the standoffs are not pained. I know I could metal coated it to return it to it's original golden color, but I don't
  3. Reporting back. After removing securing screws and spraing a bit of PB Blaster, I was able to rather early remove it.Thanks guys.
  4. I will try to work on it tonight or at least some time this weekend. I will report back
  5. Fantastic. Thanks Zed Head. I wasn't sure if they were design to slide out or not. I removed the retaining screws but they must be stuck in place due to light corrosion. I will try your method.
  6. Zed Head, close, but if you would include the rest of the linkage image it would show my issue. I already removed the part that you have shown. Take a look at the attached picture. It's the two "ring" that are circled and pointed at with an arrow. As you can see unless I can remove them, that part of the throttle rod cannot come out out of the stand offs.
  7. It's been over 7 years since this questions was asked, but it is as relevant back then as it is right now for me There are those rings on the throttle tension rod that prevent it form sliding in and out of the standoffs that hold the throttle rod. The rings are held in place on the rod via small screws. Undoing those screws, however, still does not allow me to pull the rod as the rings are still stopping it. It appears as if I have to bent them out of shape to remove them form the rod. IS that really the process? Thanks in advance guys!
  8. Oh, how I wish I could afford them, instead I will have to settle on MSA headers...
  9. Hey guys, just want to say that I finally wired the manual can override. I used one of the rubber grommets as rozzi sugested to bring the wire into the cabin. Then I repurposed the REAR DEFOGER switch and connected the wire from my can relay to it as seen in the picture. The black wire is the one that I brought from the relay. The fan instal manual shows to use 15A fuse inline with the hot wire going into the switch, and since the DEFOGER has its own 20A fuse in the fuse box, I think I'm OK. Just to be clear my DEFOGER does not work. I get the power at the REAR window, but unfortunately all t
  10. It's been a while since I looked into this. But there is something worth mentioning. Now that mornings are quite cold, high 30a low 40s, the car has been starting at the first attempt. It's an indication that the CSV is actually spraying the extra fuel (I also confirmed it with the injector in the jar test the other day on the cold morning). Just as starting fluid in a warmer day will make it start right up, the CSV helps. But this is just masking the issue. Some of you have mentioned that you entirely removed the CSV, and have no problem starting. One thing I would like to throw out there for
  11. Wouldn't the diode on the green wire (override) prevent from grounding path? I think I got it. You recommend to put a diode, which is directional, on the yellow wire in a way that would allow flow from the temp sensor back to relay, but not the other way around, correct?
  12. Last night I pulled out the fuse box to take a closer look at the wires coming into i. NONE of them looked like there was any type of failure. All good, not burned isolation, nothing. Chased it as far as I could to where it went into harness, and I still couldn't find anything. Considering how hot the fuse burned down, is it possible that the shortage took place somewhere else down the harness other than fuse itself? I was expecting to find melted wire at least in the vicinity of that fuse. I agree...I hate those problems that are not repeatable. I'm quite confident that I did NOT bra
  13. I like your theory and in many cases you have mentioned I've been thinking the same things. Last night when I found the fuse, I have put a new fuse (the same amperage, 15A) and with the engine off I first turn the positions lights on, so 4 markers plus the front dual purpose light. Watched the fuse for red glow, but there was nothing. So I got braver and turn the headlight switch one position further to turn head lights and rear lights, at which point I took cover in case of spontaneous inferno...Luckily (or maybe not so) there was nothing happening... This morning, whether it was smart mov
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