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  1. Sorry for the long wait, I lost access to my account for a while. but after replacing my coolant temp sensor, replacing the connections, and setting my afm back to factory my car runs great, other than it being old and sluggish Thanks everyone for the help I have a fairly happy z
  2. Wish I would've seen this last week I already started fiberglassing my dash
  3. Yeah its been running great but only time will tell if it fixed it
  4. I've changed out my coolant temp and water temp sensor connectors and have not had a problem in weeks Let's just hope it stays this way I'll update if anything changes
  5. Holy crap a 260 that hasn't been turned into a Ferrari
  6. Okay so it seems one of the previous owners changed to a zx head for some reason my block is an n42
  7. Okay it's starting to make sense
  8. Now I'm questioning what year my car and engine is
  9. I'll definitely have to do that Mine kicks out white smoke every now and then but its never kicked out black And I agree I think my coolant sensor has a jank connection I took off some tape that was around the bullet connectors and the wiring looked pretty sketchy I'll probly try and rewire all of it
  10. Yeah I have those And should probably rewire them What would a completely disconnected CHTS cause
  11. Okay so my chts is completely disconnected
  12. Yeah it is a p79 head Haha I was told it was stock
  13. Just remember seeing these two wires under my passenger side dash Could these be to the coolant temp sensor They seem to be the only possible wires I'm not sure where they lead They just go into the big mess of wires under the dash
  14. And its the stock engine Never swapped
  15. My water temp sensor seems to do fine Its the one by the starter that's confusing me
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