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  1. ? any source for replacement 0.187 Tang drive tips for repair/mod of speedo cable? need one or more to build adapter for an angle drive am aware of, & have, the SW 82625 - but it is too short
  2. i have a -71B conversion in a MGB - i need an adapter to connect the ZX slotted output spindle to a "common" square-cable angle adapter - i think the one in there might have been made by cutting the end off an old ZX cable - it has twisted off; it appears that the ZX cable end was "screwed" into the slot fitting since the end bit i can see has a couple "threads" on it UPDATE - the "threads" are just twisted metal of the 3/32 "key" where it broke - i got the other piece out of the slot adapter by drilling it - i will need to find that slot-adaper & a new 3/32 key any ideas ? - any source for such a piece? FOUND this - Stewart Warner Performance Speedometer Cable Sender Adapter 82625 - same 0.187 dia as the nissan part - at SummitRacing
  3. 1-15-2015: Z specialties found the part !!! see post #18 - updated above - i re-torqued the old nut to see where it indexed - = exactly the same position where i had to drill out the prior staking - so no joy today i bought a 3/4 ID flat washer (OD about same as thrust washer) - i will drill it out to fit the shaft - that should let me index the old nut in a stake-able position
  4. Z specialties found the part !!! QUOTE: 1-15-2015 email "The box containing all of my new transmission parts was still packed away from my move earlier this year and I've had to do some digging to find it. I finally found it over the weekend and went through it all. I've been looking for it for the last couple of months. My database showed that I only had one nut left and after going through everything I found out that I had 5 so that was more good news. I dropped your order off at the post office today" p.s - also issued a partial refund on shipping -
  5. superb link! - i can figure out my situation - N(driven) = N(drive) x (axle ratio) x (tire Rev per mile ) / (speedo TPM rating) http://www.v8volvo.se/mekartips/artiklar/speedo-gear.html or by using this calculator http://www.bgsoflex.com/speedo1.html RPM ratio = Drive/driven x rpm At 1000 engine rpm in 4th; speedo cable turns 9/19 = 0.474 9/17 = 0.529 9/18 = 0.500
  6. trying to figure out which speedo pinion i need to acquire for a 71B trans with a 9 tooth shaft gear i have a 3.9 axle, 14" (5-blade star) wheels and currently a white 19 tooth pinion - speedo error "too fast" is there a chart anywhere showing the pinion (cable) output rpm/1000 for the various tooth options with that 9-tooth drive gear? these pinion gears are common to a range of cars - 240z, 260z, 280zx (1970-1983). 510 (1968-1973). 200SX (from 07/81-07/83) pinions range from 16 Teeth Gear: 3.36 axle Ratio 17 Teeth Gear: 3.54 Ratio 18 Teeth Gear: 3.70 Ratio 19 Teeth Gear: 3.90 Ratio various cars had 13", 14" and 15" wheels - did all datsuns of the era have the same TPM ratio - (i.e. turns-per-mile the speedo expects from the speedometer cable) - ??? - or is that another wild card? makes my head hurt i do not know what model ZX my trans originally came out of
  7. I found these charts - http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/112772-tranny-gears-wanted-discussion-ratios-gear-swaps/?p=1056030 my gears match the "1983 modified testable chart" = .773 my 71B is apparently a morphrodite - all the late external appearances & lockout, short 5th, but RH mainshaft nut & 56mm CS brg & ears - on inspection i find it has been apart before, & is maybe a mix-match by someone who mostly knew what they were doing at the time (but left out one mainshaft thrust washer locating ball - likely no biggie in functionaliity) found this re Reverse Lockout - adds to the ID confusion: http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/42772-do-early-5-speeds-have-a-reverse-lock-out/ "Apparently the 77-79 had none, and are the same transmissions. 80 is a unique tall 5th gear ratio with a lock-out, and 81-83 are ... slightly shorter 5th gear, and the lock-out for reverse."
  8. - just alerting everyone to the simple facts of rebuilding our old boxes the bearing kit (56mm counter) is available from O'Reilly's - about $150 - BK104 - includes pocket brg, gskts & seals - a great deal - and all japan brgs npz - say they are removing the RH nut fom web catalog meanwhile - i think i have a solution to re-using an old RH nut if that becomes only option - (add a thin shim just in front & that will index it to a different staking spot) - and use red loctite Z Specialties 1 x Nut (Stake) Mainshaft 77-80 5-speed Non Turbo RH (40115-NPDT) = $49.95 Sub-Total: $49.95 United Parcel Service (XML) (1 pkg x 3 lbs total) (UPS Ground): $26.09 Total: $76.04
  9. just glad to get the nut, cost no object - that $26 shipping option was the lowest they offered. .... overnite would have been double we are a captive consumer audience when it comes to obsolete parts ... so it goes - (the joys of fixing obsolete old cars) ("if ya can't afford it, ya shouldn't own it...)
  10. thanks for the link ordered - $50 PLUS $26 shipping = $75 for one RH nut (if they really do have it) old cars are not easy to fix anymore - stand by for updates
  11. thanks - ordered from online catalog - but they now report don't have - they sent me a refund
  12. resurrecting old topic - same problem - need source for RH mainshaft nut for 5-speed · 32354-E9804 · Part: NUT HEX · Replaces: 32354-E9800, 32354-E9802 NISSANPARTSZONE and COURTESY AND parstfornissan all say - This part is no longer available anybody know where to find 'em ???????????? Z specialties also unable to deliver - issued a refund 1-13-2015 any more ideas ??????????
  13. 5th ratio question - how do you count the teeth (which teeth) to figure out what 5th gearset you have I have mine apart - it's either an '80 or '81 based on all the ID stuff above (short ears, one tab, lockout plate, 6-o'clock, etc)