ZX speedometer cable end - trans side - need adapter

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i have a -71B conversion in a MGB - i need an adapter to connect the ZX slotted output spindle to a "common" square-cable angle adapter

- i think the one in there might have been made by cutting the end off an old ZX cable - it has twisted off;

it appears that the ZX cable end was "screwed" into the slot fitting since the end bit i can see has a couple "threads" on it

UPDATE - the "threads" are just twisted metal of the 3/32 "key" where it broke - i got the other piece out of the slot adapter by drilling it

- i will need to find that slot-adaper & a new 3/32 key

any ideas ? - any source for such a piece?

FOUND this -   Stewart Warner Performance Speedometer Cable Sender Adapter 82625 - same 0.187 dia as the nissan part - at SummitRacing





ZX cable adapter 3.JPG

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