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  1. I'll post a pic when I get home around 7 or so pm of the hose. It leaks coolant when it decides to Spray any flu I'd otherwise it just hisses loudly. The clamps are new but I think the hose may be the wrong size. And as for the fan the one it has on it is electric and is wired to come on as soon as the key turns. The ther most at is brand new and it's a 180 as someone recommended to get. I'm thinking the gas tank may be dirty, because when I pulled the old fuel filter off after ml some clean fuel came out it became red and heavy with what appeared to be rust particulate.
  2. I generally say (with any car) that it hasn't overheated until it's spewed coolant/Antifreeze/water. This zx does that as if it has bulimia.
  3. I have yet to clean the throttle body, and as I look at everything more I realize a few things may be fixed with a proper cleaning. The throttle linkage is a little floppy and sticky at the same time. It wants to stay turned but it also wants to play hopscotch. The tube that leaks air only does it when it overheats, which is still every drive after about 2 miles or 30 minutes of idle with minimal revving to keep it alive. I can see about taking a picture of it but that would be tomorrow. It's underneath the fuel rail towards the front of the block and it's only about 4 or 5 inches of rubber hose with clamps on either side. Oh, and the radiator doesn't fit. It's zip tied onto the front frame. And before I forget I ordered a cold air intake for my other vehicle some time ago, then forgot and bought one at t he local store. May it help with my heat problem?
  4. It's been a fee days since I reported back and I apologize, I had to work overtime and literally worked myself sick. I have put in a new thermostat and I have found a few small air leaks in the vacuums. I also replaced the starter unit and solenoid, new gas filter, new battery and terminals, and added heat treatment to the coolant. It still runs hot and blows hot air out of a bad seal but I have the hose on order so there's nothing to do but wait. I've discovered the fan and radiator are off of a 99 toyota Tacoma, the coolant catching reservoir is off of a 2001 honda civic, and the alternator was not even plugged in. I've remedied the alternator issue, but even still with premium gas I'm having issues with rough idle and popping/ bogging under a load. If I try to start it without pressing the gas a little more than I feel should be necessary it stalls and dies. And when I'm test driving when I shift at 4k or higher I have to let it roll until 2 before completing the shift and pressing the gas/ releasing the clutch or it jumps and pops and cuts in and out. I have msd wires/ distributor and a blaster 2 coil on it, I've ordered a new fuel pump as a last resort because I just cannot fathom what else it could be. Also my throttle body is near black inside. Does this mean anything? My phone refuses to post a video but I will post pics of the throttle blackness.
  5. I get ahead of myself, I'll admit. But it's gotten worse after adding oil treatment and fluid to the radiator to seal any leaks. Now it pops loudly about every other second to every 5 seconds. Some smaller and close together and some loud and lonely.
  6. The number one problem I have that scares me is the high revving, that's the correct screw with the arrow and I watched him tighten it as he said it was going to change things.
  7. I checked under the throttle body and I have no spring. Is there a certain type I can purchase at the parts store or is it something I'll have to put on order?
  8. The bolt that's higher than the other one next to it is the one the guy had out more while he drove it and turned it in more and told me that'd make it idle better but I'd lose power.
  9. This is the throttle piece that won't turn back to normal after I press the pedal
  10. This is the tube I meant in the beginning had a tear in it.
  11. The screw on the side of the cover in the s first picture is the one I meant he tightened to alter the idle...
  12. I now realisee I have no clue how to post all these pictures from my mobile...
  13. I will go out and take pictures if the poor beast in a minute, my seven year old misplaced my boots.