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  1. Thank you all for responding! Hopefully with it up on ebay someone will notice it
  2. Hello all, this is my first post, hope it isn't in the wrong place. Anyway, I'm currently helping a friend sell his '76 280z. It isn't "practical" enough for school, whatever the hell that means, and he needs something with a little more seats. I think I care about this car A LOT more than my buddy unfortunately, and I recently did a ton of work on it in preparation for sale, basically doing everything that my friend was too lazy to take care of for all of highschool (headliner, carpet, stereo, bled the brakes, changed the oil and other fluids, cleaned it). The only problem is that now I have no idea how to sell it. I've sold more modern cars before, but this car is a bit different. Can you all tell me where a good place to put the car up for sale is? I put it on Craigslist but this has not yielded any serious inquiries... Here's the Craigslist ad: 1976 Datsun 280z RARE AUTOMATIC Thank you all! Mike
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