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    Exxxxtremely useful. First time doing a complete restore, so this info is very helpful to reference as I put parts back together. No matter how many photos and bag tags I use its always better to look at the service manual, especially when it comes to electrical !! P. S. I'm redoing a 1970 z v . i.n.# 4986
  1. Bbear

    Bbear's barn find

    Photos of 1970 240 z # HLS 30 - 04986
  2. Hello Mark, looks like some light at the end of the tunnel ! I am heading to Toronto next week and if I have a chance I'm going to drop by Whiteheads to see if they can help me out with a few items and hope to get a look at your Z. Then out of country until Christmas . When I return I will start the rebuild and start my thread ( if I can figure out how to ) as I'm not to handy with computer.For now I will upload photos to date in my album. I travel to Calgary each summer ( to visit my son) and will definately go to Edmonton to see your blue beauty streaking by the competition at the track ! Bbear
  3. Hey Mark, I know the feeling of that first scratch, chip, but I think it would be easier to deal with if it happens on the track. I have several photos ,but have not downloaded from my camera and will still have to figure out how to post. I acquired the Z , totally by chance. I went to Nevada to help a friend bring back two cars he had purchased and while standing around in the sellers yard ,he noticed me looking over a 280 Z, and said he had a better one to check out. He then brought us to his " special garage" and there it was , vin 04986. Build date 06/70. It had been in storage since 1982 ! Unfortunately , I have had to let it sit for the last 1.5 year , but began to disassemble last month. Although it started and runs I want to do a complete refresh. And to my complete surprise and delight it looks like that's all it will be! I have it completely stripped down and as you will see from the photos it actually is totally rust free and mechanically sound ( considering its age). Should I upload the photos at this thread or to my photo album Bbear
  4. Hello Mark, I am new to this site, and have just finished reading your entire thread. I purchased a 70z ( 4986 6/11about 2 yrs ago in Nevada and brought it back to my home in Thunder Bay Ont. After seeing the fantastic work done to your Z and topped off with that beautiful blue paint job, I started getting an ulcer for you , when I read you where planning on driving it back to Edmonton. Not sure when the last time you have driven through Northern Ont. was, but believe me your delays may have been a blessing in disguise. You would surely have been more disappointed having that paint job scarred up by road construction, logging trucks, long gravel portions of the highway etc. I hope to have my Z done by the spring, and am already sweating on how I'm going to get from my driveway to the first " shine & show" without getting a cracked windshield or paint chips ( ) !